The Outlook for 2007 National Advertising

Jul 11, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Bob Coen, director of forecasting for media buying firm Universal McCann, recently issued a pessimistic update for ad spending in 2007. Here is the new forecast, which calls for total growth of just 3.1 percent, on a media-by-media basis.

  % Change 2007
Over 2006 $      
Big 4 TV Networks +3.0% $17,175
Spot TV -1.0 11,510
Cable TV +4.5 20,190
Syndicated TV           -2.0 3,615
Radio +2.5 4,550
Magazines +4.0 13,595
Newspapers +1.0 7,015
Direct mail +5.0 61,575
Yellow pages +2.0 2,205
Internet +17.0 10,640
Other national media +4.0 38,010
TOTAL NATIONAL +4.2% $190,080
Local newspapers -1.5% $38,880
Local TV +3.0 15,335
Local radio +2.0 15,505
Local Yellow Pages +2.0 12,430
Other local media +3.7 18,070


GRAND TOTAL + 3.1% $290,300


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