WGA: ‘Kid Nation’ Crew Overworked

Aug 28, 2007  •  Post A Comment

The Writers Guild of America is wading into the “Kid Nation” debate, with President Patric Verrone condemning the working arrangements on the much-discussed New Mexico production.
“This is a story that is incomplete, because it’s not only the kids for whom conditions were deplorable but the entire crew,” Mr. Verrone said.
After interviewing “Kid Nation” crew members, the WGA said the production staff regularly worked 14 hours a day, seven days a week—not entirely unusual for a large reality production.
“The folks who write, produce and shoot these shows were subject to illegal and unfair working conditions,” Mr. Verrone said. “They don’t get paid overtime, they violate consecutive days of work [rules], they don’t get meal breaks. We’ve been saying that for two years now. It’s unfortunate that this kind of business model is now treating kids the same way they’ve been treating adults.”
The WGA has been trying to unionize reality producers who craft show storylines on the set and during post-production. The WGA claims nonunion members on reality programs work marathon hours without health benefits or overtime pay, unlike their union counterparts.
“Kid Nation” executive producer Tom Forman defended the production, saying it employed union members—just not any from the WGA.
“We treated every member of our crew exceptionally well,” Mr. Forman said. “For union and nonunion workers alike, there were days off, there were meal breaks. The WGA wasn’t there and has no knowledge of what happened. I resent them sticking their nose in this.”
CBS declined to comment.
Unlike the young “Kid Nation” cast, the show’s crew members are employees of a California production company and therefore, argues the WGA, subject to California’s labor law, rather than New Mexico standards. The WGA contends that nonunion employees on “Kid Nation” are classified as hourly employees, yet worked a large number of hours on a fixed rate.
“The fixed weekly rate is an illegal method that prevents employees from being paid the overtime they are due,” said Tony Segall, general counsel for the WGA. “Sadly for employees, this happens on virtually every nonunion reality show, not just ‘Kid Nation.’”
The WGA is locked in negotiations with networks and studios for a new guild contract; their current pact expires Oct. 31.
Two years ago, the WGA backed two class-action lawsuits against reality show production companies for similar labor issues. A judge mandated the guild cut ties with the plaintiffs in the suits, which merged and continue to move forward.
Mr. Verrone said the conditions on the sets of reality shows have been beneficial to media conglomerates, and the “Kid Nation” affair may shine a light on what that has meant to workers.
“Hopefully it finally gets some attention to these people who have been putting up with this for a long time,” he said.
As on most reality show sets, some of the crew positions on “Nation” were covered by a guild and some were not. On Friday, one of the guilds covering the show, the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists, announced it is launching an investigation into reports of abuse of children on the set. (AFTRA covers entertainment professionals such as the show’s host, but not the amateur participants.)
“We are concerned about reports of abuse arising from ‘Kid Nation,’” the guild said in a statement. “AFTRA is investigating whether the terms and conditions of the Network Code were violated in the production of ‘Kid Nation.’ We will take all legal and moral steps available to protect the rights of the performers and children on this program.”
On Monday, the Screen Actors Guild issued a statement of support for AFTRA’s investigation.
“Had the children been engaged under SAG contracts, they would have had protections including maximum daily work hours based on their age, minimum compensation, supervision and instruction on the set from qualified teachers, and 15 percent of their gross earnings placed in a blocked trust Coogan account,” the statement said.


  1. Yes, I feel SOOO sorry for these poor kids; having to work without the writer’s guild; and also being all alone out there on the desert with nobody for miles, except the 100+ crew and the mess trailers. So Sad!

  2. It is sad to say that this is what will evenutally drive most of this productions to Mexico and all other reality series out of the country. They are already in Canada, UK and other countries because of the unions.
    If most of those employees didnt want to be there – they can quit. this is america – get into another field stop being part of a generation of whiners.
    help keep our jobs here.

  3. The previous two posters have it exactly correct. American CANNOT survive, let alone thrive, if it doesn’t bring back child labor.
    Look at China! It is our biggest trading partner these days and it employs HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of young children, some of them orphans, paid low wages in order to provide Wal-Mart with low-priced goods.
    America’s pre-teens have had it too good for too long! They go to school, come home and play sports or watch TV and think they’re making a contribution to their country.
    They are not! America CANNOT compete in the world market unless our pre-teen slackers pitch in and help by taking low-paying jobs. Go ahead and cry, liberals, but child labor is the WAVE OF TOMORROW!

  4. No surprise a union of writers is attempting to intimidate and villianize a production which does not require any writers. How were the conditions unfair? All the men agreed to work under them. WGA may claim to defend the “worker,” but they only force men to work their way – regardless of the cost to the production which gives the employees their jobs.

  5. This production is just another exploitation of children with plenty of fools who will be watching it and talking about it around the water cooler. I can’t believe folks have ever and still watch these ridiculous reality shows. What a bunch of losers.

  6. No meal breaks?! Whaaaaa…. 14 hour days?! Whaaaaa…. No overtime?! Whaaaaa…. 7 work days a week?! Whaaaaaa….
    Try coming to Iraq for a year.

  7. Marine Drill Instructors work 120 hour weeks with no time off for 3 years straight. Oh and by the way when they return to the fleet they go to Iraq. I have a hard time feeling sorry for these people.

  8. As a former active duty military member who deployed for combat operations during this war, stop comparing civilians to military members.
    Lest you forget, fellow soldiers, that we do what we do so our fellow Americans DO NOT have to endure the things we experience, the sights we see, the actions we must take.
    The day we veterans return and start to ‘look down’ on Americans who do not have it in them to endure such trials and situations that we went through is the day that we will start to be resented. Discipline, fellas.

  9. There is no draft….choice to serve.
    Adults choose reality work too…
    Only the kids have to go where they are told. Protect them from their idiot parents.

  10. I have no sympathy for the crew of this show. They are adults who can choose to work or not work for this or any other employer. As a retired Army LTC, I agree with airborne. Military personnel and their working/living conditions are not a good comparison for this or any other workplace issue.
    I also hold this show in contempt for the gross exploitation, and possible abuse, of children. I would love to see every show executive and worker, and every parent who gave their children over to this, be brought up on charges of child neglect and abuse.

  11. we have freedom in america !!!
    free to chose the job your at. knowone put a gun to there heads and said you will work 14 hrs. a day they all chose to work there so thats what you get !!!!! And the kids they probley loved it !!
    if not it was a good learning experiance for them !! this country is letting people get to soft to quick !!! we are just over 200 yrs old and look how mutch we let people whine about.they need to stand on there own two feet like this country was made on and deal with it !!

  12. Saying that the crew chose to work there is not the point. The employers have to follow the law. Simple as that.
    If it weren’t for labor laws, we would go back to the 19th century, where there was little to no social mobility. The working classes didn’t have a choice of what jobs to take because no one offered overtime or days off or a fair wage. Capitalism unfettered by legislation inevitably leads to abuse.
    God… there’s nothing worse than hearing laissez-faire rhetoric filtered through the dim understanding of some hillbilly whose education consists of listening to Bill O’Reilly.

  13. The union is not the problem in the US now, It is the Union leaders. When will the union members start to hold the union leaders (political pundants) responsible for many of our failures in job losses to foreign countries. The Union leaders don’t lose their jobs, big pay checks, perks and retirement like the union members do.
    At one time unions were good for the working people but today it is only good for the Union leaders.

  14. The audition for next season required the children to have a passport. Now I know why.

  15. The audition for next season required the children to have a passport. Now I know why.

  16. You people are all fools. This media blitz is free advertising for this crap tv show. The producers wanted to figure out how to get this show some free coverage. And you fools are biting on it hard, especially Jeff. But, Jeff is an inbred so I understand why he is so upset.


  18. Try going to Iraq for a year?
    I would, but I’m not a moron.

  19. There are child labor laws, eh? Hollywood – films, broadasting, cable – is morally bankrupt. It’s no wonder we have no “friends” around the world.

  20. I have only seen previews of this show. But I’m guessing that protection would have pretty much voided out the whole purpose of the show. It’s not “kid nation” if you dictate the conditions under which the kids work. Do you think that if they were on their own trying to do this stuff “for real” that they would have had scheduled lunch breaks and limited hours a day they could work? I think not. As for the crew, they get to work 14 hours a day. Better than being out of work. The only abuse I see here is if the kids truly did not want to be on the show or if they are being abused in some malicious way by other members of the cast or crew. As for the union, did they say the non-union crew members couldn’t join?

  21. Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?
    Obviously child labor is the answer to the world’s problems – get those useless kids down in the mines and smelters, out in the quarries and working on the roads. There’s no reason a child of six can’t work a 14 hour day just like everyone else. He may not break as many rocks as a grown woman can, but just cut his food ration if he doesn’t produce. As for those television shows, they are just doing what I’ve always advocated, making the little brats earn millions for them with empty promises and low pay. Just promise the parents to make their little waif a star and they’ll sign anything. My kind of people! Uncle Scrooge

  22. I’m crusading for a boycott of this program. I can’t believe the gall of these producers to lock out the State social workers who wanted to conduct oversight of the children. Why that state worker didn’t go get the sheriff or state patrol, I will never understand. I wonder what kind of threats they leveled against the parents. The end result is the producers got their job done and fled town before any action could be taken against them; effective and bold on their parts.

  23. >Try going to Iraq for a year?
    I would in a heartbeat.
    I tried but they said no.
    I have been condemed to live among the civilians, dress like a civilian, tolerate the intolerant, and not kill those who try to kill me on the roads. I would much prefer to be in Iraq where the enemy will honestly kill us given the chance and we have a fighting chance to defend ourselves.
    As for the TV show: “Choose your rate – choose your fate”. If it were so bad there why did they stay? It is not like they were handcuffed, shackled, and made to work at gunpoint. The adults knew what they were getting into yet they stayed anyway.

  24. The Unions getting involved in reality TV is a joke. They are simply after the dues and contribution to fill their weak pensions for their aging members. Everyone knows the deal going into the gig and the big $$ is pre-compensation for the extra hours on location. No one is complaining about the rate when they’re back in post production working 6 hour days taking long lunches and looking for their next job on “company time”.
    THESE ARE SALARIED POSITIONS!!!! you work long hours for a few weeks and then take it easy for the longer post period. It all evens out and if you losers want to have your job broken down to an hourly rate like a teen ager at the mall, then say hello to your new tiny paycheck and being told to “go home” when you’re not busy to save the company money.
    Us editors will be glad to continue doing your jobs for you without the hassle of you being there. If only we could figure out how to get your paycheck too… oh yeah we did..it’s called Preditor.

  25. I work two jobs, seven days a week. I do not whine about it. I learned a work ethic as a child…if I wanted something bad enough, I would work for it. That being said, I think that we are being turned into a nation of whiners and people who think that they deserve something for nothing. These children were offered an opportunity. Some will learn from it, some will not. Some will end up with great careers from it. Leave them alone.

  26. Looking forward to this program and the union thugs whining does drive business from the States. That is why I stopped doing business in the States. Does not shock me the next season is overseas since Survivor does the same thing. Wake up USA or you’ll end up losing your status as an economic superpower.
    As far as the WGA goes they brought this upon themselves! Reality TV would not exist if they (WGA) did not strike many many years ago. Networks switched over to reality based programming on the simple fact that the WGA was not needed. Now the poor WGA can only whine and threaten with lawsuits. How pathetic.

  27. If you don’t want to work somewhere…you quit. Unions are destroying our economy. Adults can take care of themselves! I do find this show disturbing and will not watch it.

  28. I have worked on these “reality shows”. Yes, it was a choice and now it is a choice NOT to work on them because the producers are such sleeeeeeezy creeps. I mean SLEEEEEEEZY CREEPS!!!! Go WGA, Go Child Labor Law!! Go anyone that can stop the sadness and creepiness of a country desparate to get on a reality show and be treated like morons by morons.

  29. When I was a kid there were fields to play in and abandoned food shelters to clean up and make our own. I feel bad my kids don’t know what it is like to ride their bikes on dirt trails and catch frogs in swamps. They need t learn to play and work things out without adult supervision. My kids have only backyards, streets and parks. If I were a kid today I would have loved to be able to have this experience. It beats watching endless DVD’s and playing video games.

  30. Cranky Media Guy: Why do you talk about things about which you know nothing? Child labour has not been used in China for any Western products since 1995 or so. All the workers have to be at least 18 years of age with working papers to document their ages unlike the US which can employ undocumented illegals that look like they are 18, as well as use kids on TV reality shows as hourly wage workers and yet pay them no overtime. Which is the sweatshop country again?

  31. To Free Country and the other mental giants that are worried about America’s competitiveness on this blog: Do you really want to go back to the days of sweatshops, 80 hour weeks, no paid vacations, no workplace safety laws in place as a choice to feed your family all in the name of “choice”? What kind of choice is that: starve or work in progressively crappy conditions? Do you understand that people sacrificed and died in labour movements so that you can have 40 hour weeks, meal breaks, and other such human rights? It seems before “deregulation” in the 80’s, the US was able to compete in the world marketplace just as today the EU is able to due with more generous worker programs than even we have. The EU have laws to take care of their own people, the US should as well, unless you like working in the third world. I suggest you physically look at working conditions in Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia before answering.

  32. Diane: I would ask if you and others know about US history. From the time of the Mayflower through the American Revolution to today our nation has three proud legacies: whining about conditions (whether they be freedom to practice religion, to not pay excessive taxes, decent working conditions, et. al.), working to improve things, and questioning authority in its many forms. Bravo to you for working two jobs to afford your life style. But one has to wonder if we are trying to foster a slave mentality in this country by telling people to abandon our principles of continually looking to imrpove and question things. The only people who dutifully “do as they are told and accept crap conditions” for the sake of a job are SLAVES!!!

  33. While any abuse to a child should be vigorously investigated I do not feel one bit sorry for the ‘adult’ crew. They chose their jobs and they choose to stay. As for the SAG and WGA… OH WHAAAAAHHHHH! I’m so sick of hearing the ‘unions’ talk about how great it would be if everyone worked for them. Funny, the few union people I know aren’t too proud or happy about it, they just HAD to join the union to work where they’re working (again, their choice).
    Unions had a time and a place but that time has long since gone. Between organized crime and corruption they no more represent the ‘American worker’ than the idiotic political parties who care nothing about the country and everything about their power.
    Jeff – Nice pointless rant, speaking of laissez-faire rhetoric filtered through dim understanding…

  34. people the filming was in New Mexico which is part of the united States. I will not watch it because itis an effort to make you think It does take a village and guess who wrote that book? hint (Hillary)! Its just anouther attemp to bring the hippy movement back. All those hippies who protested during the 60’s and 70’s are now in control of our schools and corprations and government departments.

  35. i hardly think being put up in a hotel and fed for 4 or 5 weeks are slave conditions while your bank account fills up back home since you aren’t spending much of your own money during the shoot.
    let’s remember the most laborious part of those long hours is pretty much just staying awake through the boredom.
    Entertainment is a brass ring business with everyone hoping to get to the inner circle where big payouts for nothing are the order of the day. Shut up, do your time, take your paycheck for staying awake a few extra hours, and keep your arm outstretched for that golden opportunity. If you suck at your job or have no desire to get there.. then you need to be in another field.
    To “Mary” who worked with only “sleeezy creeps” on reality I’m sorry you made poor choices on where to take a job but there are plenty of people in reality who care about the product (yes it is a product) and the well being of the staff. Do some research before you take a job and maybe you can avoid the “creeps”.

  36. I think everyone needs to calm down just a little bit.
    Two things:
    FIRST: This show hasn’t even aired yet and people are acting as if it was a reality sweatshop. C’mon! What most people don’t realize is that in the reality world of production things are NEVER what they seem.
    The majority of problems, drama, and other assorted situations are written, coaxed, and edited to make things appear entertaining.
    If there was CHILD ABUSE occuring on set, don’t you think that the large (100+) crew, medics, and field psychologists (which are ALWAYS on these types of shows) would step in and raise issue with it?
    SECOND: There are ALWAYS violations of work hours in production. Unfortunately that’s the way things are. The debate about unions (SAG,AFTRA,WGA,etc.) getting into the mix is not solely to protect any children,save the world,etc, it’s to force more production companies to “go union” which in turn raises budgets astronomically in order to pay the larger salaries,etc. These actions (among others) are what force companies to shoot out of the country.
    There is a writer’s strike coming up here in La La Land soon and the fact that you hear the WGA up in arms about something is suspect to me. When all is said and done I believe no kids are gonna sue, this stunt will generate free advertising for the show, make the guilds and unions feel like they’re doing their jobs, and have zero affect on television production.

  37. I am sure everyone got paid pretty well. I find little pity in this complaint from the adults. Working too many days in a row and missing meals, maybe someone should call the waaaaamulance. As a 19 year Veteran of the military, I can’t count the number of times that happened, and I can assure you the pay was much different. I am not a big fan of over-working kids, but the adults need to get over it, ESPECIALLY if they are union.

  38. Steven,
    As a former schoolteacher, my red pen is practically jumping out of my pocket towards your post. Here’s how it should have read:
    WE have freedom in america!
    YOU ARE FREE TO CHOOSE YOUR JOB. NO ONE put a gun to THEIR heads and said you will work 14 HOURS a day. They all chose to work there, so THAT’S what you get! THE KIDS PROBABLY loved it; IF NOT, it was a good learning EXPERIENCE for them! This country is letting people get TOO SOFT, TOO QUICKLY! WE are just over 200 yrs old and look how MUCH we let people whine. THEY need to stand on THEIR own two feet, like this COUNTRY’S FOUNDERS, and deal with it!
    I agree with the sentiments you expressed, but the impact of your message is diminished with careless writing.
    Miss Crabtree

  39. Truth be told, the only thing both the children and the writers care about is whether or not they’ll be on TV. All this whining and complaining about working conditions AFTER FILMING IS COMPLETE AND EVERYONE’S BEEN PAID is just poking at the carcass to see if there’s any blood left to wring out of this cash cow.

  40. Miss Crabtree,
    Obviously, you were not an English teacher. Proper nouns like America require capitalization. You mixed your tenses and your irregular capitalizations were over done. Careless? Overly critical? Probably.
    Former newspaper publisher and editor,

  41. To the former schoolteacher and the Crusin dude: it’s precisely your expertise that the children could have truly used while they were out being pimped in New Mexico, all so that CBS can make millions in ad revenues on their adolescent backs. If I were an advertiser, I’d be running from this show like the other good folks did when Judy Regan was trying to be the new Christiane Amanpour for the ‘If I Did It’ debacle. I really think the parents who let their kids go off, 22-page signed contracts in hand, are the kind of kids who’d drop their kids off at Neverland and not look back. I think it’s foul. Period. Sign Me,
    Tired of the Bullshit aka Miracle Mile Man

  42. Before I get edited, it should read: ‘the parents are the kind of parents (not kids) who’d drop their kids off….” Miss Crabtree, please don’t be angry with me.

  43. So just the mere presence of adults on the set, constitutes proper supervision? If I leave my child with Charles Manson, then I am a responsible adult right? Adults who don’t properly supervise are no better than no adults.
    Yeah, union’s are the worst thing ever; with their fair pay, reasonable hours, medical attention and making sure that workers are not treated poorly. Back in my day, we would work for 3 days straight for a nickel. If you got injured, they would just send a guy around with a saw to saw off a body part. That way you wouldn’t have to stop working to go see a fancy smancy doctor.
    Not everyone has the ability to just work when and where they want. A lot of us have bills, and families to take care of. If all you can get is a job working out in the desert in harsh conditions, then hey, it is better than nothing. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to take advantage of you.
    I am saddened that so many of you would freely give away the work place rights of other people, even though you yourself would threaten to quit on the spot if your boss wanted you to work one minute passed 5pm on a Friday. It is always a different story when you are the one being taken avdantage of.

  44. 12 on / 12 off
    Anything more, especially for days and weeks on end, really starts to create a dangerous work environment.
    We don’t want runnaway productions, but there still should be protection for crew members.
    12 on / 12 off!

  45. Its a stinking TV show that looks entertaining to and interest is piqued by all the coverage.
    The easiest and most realistic thing to have done was incorpatate the work hour limits and child labor elements into the story. It’s obviously relevant to someone.
    It’d made it more real, maybe more entertaining but they didn’t.
    They’ve choosen to do what all “Reality” shows do and will continue to do. Make you suspend your disbelif in the process of entertaining you.
    If there are provable instances of violations there should be so repurcussions. All the while more hear of the show, more tune in and the whole bloody deal seems yet more “real”.
    It’s just a stinkin’ tv show. The evening news is all the reality we need and can handle about now.
    p.s. thank you all that have, will and did serve. I appreciate it.

  46. I have tried real hard to see some difference between this show and the average summer camp. Some camps pride themselves on the rigor of their course and the opportunity for individual growth. It ain’t a day care center.

  47. “I’d Like To Buy the World Some Coke” and have some civility.
    God Bless the USA.

  48. are you kidding me, these kids, and their parents knew what they were signing up for when the joined this show, so do mature adults, they have the freedom to quit and so do the kids. no one is forcing them to do anything, as far as i am concerned this does not violate anything.
    i understand the worry for these children, but there are no stories of dehydration etc
    CBS is responsible enough to take care of its employees and they did. Where are the complaints from these employees, only unions who jump at any possible mistreatment to get themselves on the map
    let freedom ring!

  49. As a post production pro who has worked reality shows…
    There are some Reality Television production companies that deserve to be unionized (and have been). Working conditions can be abhorrent and they grind through young, ambitious, hopeful production assistants and wanna-be editors at a frightful rate. The few people who stick it out get smart and decide to improve conditions. Power to them.
    The people who staff these shows tend to be entrepreneurial (by necessity) and the fact that this segment of the market (Reality TV) has been target-rich for union organizers is rather surprising; until you hear the stories. Yet unionizing rarely solves anything but the most outrageous practices. It just provides a venue for grievances. It delays problem-solving until the next contract negotiation. When the most talented of the workers realize unions value tenure over talent – they tend to move on anyway.
    Interesting observation: I’ve heard one or two Reality TV shops boast that they’re not unionized. Not surprisingly, they are among the most successful because they treat their people as professionals.

  50. I agree with Walter. GOOD GRIEF!! Yes, the work for these kids looks similar to a camp my kids attended, being pioneers. Hard work! Boy, do they appreciate what we have. What about the PBS special about the families they dropped off in the prarie and they had to live like pioneers. THEY WORKED. ALL DAY. THE KIDS TOO.
    BOO HOO for the poor, poor crew who have to actually WORK!! I can’t stand the mindset of Union Workers. I know what I’m talking about. I have been in two different unions. Not all, but most union workers complain incessantly. They are the biggest whiners in the US. Unions were formed many years ago for good reasons. Now Union workers just WANT WANT WANT. They are more focused on what they should be getting than doing a good job that they can take pride in.
    As far as the hours…….BOO HOO once again. I’m a teacher. I’m at school from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 or 4:30. Then I have to take care of my kids and then have about 2 more hours of school work most nights. ( Tonight it was 3.5 hours) We don’t have AC and my classroom was 95 degrees today. AND GUESS WHAT? I love my job and take pride in my work. Giving it more hours than it should take is my choice.
    My husband is a coal miner (non-union)) He works unbelievable hours, sometimes only two days off a month. He takes pride in his work that is dangerous, and exhausting. Thank God he is not in a devisive union. These mines are much more productive.

  51. Where do you draw the line on danger in the workplace? Does OSHA oversee the writers guild? If so, who oversees the dangers of policemen, firemen, crab fishermen in the Bering Sea? Doesn’t matter, in most cases the workplace does what they want anyways. Been a victim of the dangers!! And it wasn’t 14 hour days.

  52. This all seems like a very well planed promotional campaign…..” no such thing as bad press” as they say it all began about a month before its air date…august 18…to its premier date of sept.19…July 31 they began casting calls for season 2 ! ….the nearly last step of putting a show together..a great deal of time and money have already devoted to season 2…too much to leave any doubt that season 1 will see broadcast…this year has seen cbs sink to depths once unimaginable…the Katy mess…big brother providing live anti-semitic rants and a game that had the entire group of house mates naked,,,including a father and his 21 yr old daughter…on a Sunday evening at a family friendly 8pm..one house mate has a police record of domestic violence…had had been a misogynist monster calling any women not kissing his but the b-bomb etc…we have seen producers allow and condone the destruction of personal property…add made for tv lord of the flies and its time to flush cbs away to the sewer it longs to be in.

  53. Most of the comments here seem to have been made by delusional idiots who should go to night school to take an English As A Second Language (ESL) course. The producers of Kid Nation and CBS want to make loads of money off a sweatshop operation not that much different from Kathy Lee Gifford’s garment factory on West 37th Street in Manhattan, violating state child labor laws by calling the film site a “camp.” What these kids’ work has to do with military service is beyond me, but I am sure some demented guy out there who is posting multiple comments under different names will come up with an answer, once he finishes taking his medication. But unfortunately there is no medication to cure being a miserable asshole who gloats over kids being treated as slave labor by scumbag Hollywood producers.

  54. This is not really a surprise. I’ve worked on reality shows for over a year now. The hours are brutal many times without over time. 14-16 hours a day are standard as are days with little or no turnaround what so ever.

  55. I can’t believe all thesse posters who totally missed the sarcasm in my post Nr1!
    I also would like to add the typical union’s major credo:
    Get as Much Money as Possible for Doing the Least Work!

  56. Mr B. is entirely incorrect in stating that Marine drill instructors work 120 hour weeks for three years straight with no time-off. DIs regularly get days off while training recruits and their work schedules are set up such that they can (actually must) take their 30 days of leave that accrue each year.

  57. I would be very angry if my child did all that work with the understanding that it would be on TV, and then some idiot decided it shouldn’t be aired. I would hope that the parents of these kids were smart enough to know what they were letting them do. If it were done again I would sign my kid up.

  58. Hi my name is Jeffrey I’m 12 and my birthday is 12/28/94 and I would like to know how to sign up.

  59. My name is Alex, I am fourteen years old and would like to sign up.

  60. We are 14 year old twins…who chomp at the bit to be on the next kid nation so we can show em how its done!What a bunch of video game couch potatos!!!!


  62. Hey I’m Sami, a 14 year old, and I was also wondering how to sign up. I saw the first episode last night and well..it looked awsome! 😀
    Hmm about child labor junk..
    They all chose to sign up. If any of them didn’t like it so much that they wanted to leave, they had the option. In fact, one 8 year old boy did leave on last night’s episode…
    Anyway, the whole thing seems fun! It’d be nice to be away from home and just take care of myself. Even if I have to be an adult for a little more than a month.

  63. kid nation rules so stop hatin nbc that show is way better than any of the shows you’ve produced

  64. Hey again..
    Having second thoughts now that they’ve killed a chicken. Dude I’m an animal lover and vegetarian and I can’t be near bouchers…they give me hives lol. I hope that one girl will be ok though.

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