‘Access Hollywood’ at the Emmys

Sep 16, 2007  •  Post A Comment

After hosting the Emmy preshow last year, the cast and crew of “Access Hollywood” had some downtime this year as host Billy Bush and executive producer Rob Silverstein unwound from the red carpet arrivals.
“I had a lot of fun out there this year,” said Mr Bush. “I wish I was renegotiating my contract tomorrow. Now I’m done for the night so I’m going to watch the games and order some beers.”
The two televisions at the show’s production trailer both drew crowds with one tuned to the Emmys and the other flipped between the Yankees/Red Sox game and Sunday night football on NBC.
Already Mr. Silverstein had spoken with Mr. Bush and fellow host Nancy O’Dell about the best moments from the red carpet that will air tomorrow.
Meanwhile editors and producers back in the studio were shifting through what will amount to 30 to 40 hours of footage for tomorrow’s show.
“Nobody has the ability to create those classic moments for the broadcast as well as our crew,” said Mr. Silverstein.
Among the moments expected to get airtime tomorrow include an interview with the elusive James Gandolfini, a faux pas with Tony Bennett, a number of well wishers toward Ms. O’Dell’s new baby, and the post-orgasm interview with Julia Louis Dreyfuss.


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