Report: Internet-to-TV Fizzles

Sep 16, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Consumers aren’t all that jazzed about connecting their computers to their television sets to watch long-form Internet video, according to one of the first studies on the topic.
Marquest Media & Entertainment Research found that only 20 percent of study respondents said watching online TV shows or movies on a TV set was important, while 64 percent said it was of little or no importance.
“Internet-to-TV video routing, in isolation, may not be the killer app many Internet video producers and distributors have hoped for,” said Paul Rule, president of Marquest. Consumers are content to watch video as it arrives, whether on a TV set or on the computer.
The study also found that online video growth may have tapped out. Among respondents who had not viewed online TV shows or movies, only 10 percent were interested in doing so.


  1. As soon as the visual quality issues are addressed, i.e., full screen TV-like HD, long form will be a transparent experience on the TV with preferences only as to the content itself.
    The short form user contributed garbage pail video, some with ads but always free, will be happy to remain on the PC and personal media player and cell phone.

  2. I want my…
    I want my i-TVeeeee.

  3. I want my…
    I want my i-TVeeeee.

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