‘Bonnie Hunt’ Cleared in 55% of U.S.

Oct 29, 2007  •  Post A Comment

“The Bonnie Hunt Show” has cleared 55% of the country on its way to launch next fall. Syndicator Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution has now sold “The Bonnie Hunt Show” to 15 of the top 20 markets, including the previously announced two-year deals with NBC O&O stations.
New station groups picking up the series on one or more outlets include Hearst-Argyle, Gannett, Belo, Scripps, McGraw-Hill, LIN, Allbritton, Fox, Tribune, Clear Channel, Young, Sinclair, Schurz, Miller, Bonten Media Group and Four Points.
“NBC selected ‘The Bonnie Hunt Show’ as their top choice for fall ’08, and in a little over three short weeks, many prominent broadcasters have also joined the Bonnie Hunt fan club,” said WBDTD president Ken Werner. “They have all selected the show as the top contender to become the next syndicated franchise, and we are thrilled to be in partnership with this terrific lineup of powerful stations.”
The station lineup for “The Bonnie Hunt Show,” in order of market size, now includes:
New York: WNBC (NBC Universal Television Stations)
Los Angeles: KNBC (NBC Universal Television Stations)
Chicago: WMAQ (NBC Universal Television Stations)
Dallas-Fort Worth: KXAS (NBC Universal Television Stations)
San Francisco/San Jose: KNTV (NBC Universal Television Stations)
Boston: WCVB (Hearst-Argyle Television)
Washington, D.C.: WRC (NBC Universal Television Stations)
Phoenix: KSAZ (Fox Television Stations)
Tampa, Fla.: WFTS (Scripps Television Station Group)
Seattle: KING (Belo Television Group)
Minneapolis-St. Paul: KMSP (Fox Television Stations)
Miami: WTVJ (NBC Universal Television Stations)
Cleveland: WEWS (Scripps Television Station Group)
Denver: KWGN (Tribune Broadcasting)
Sacramento, Calif.: KCRA (Hearst-Argyle Television)
Baltimore: WBAL (Hearst-Argyle Television)
Indianapolis: WRTV (McGraw-Hill)
San Diego: KNSD (NBC Universal Television Stations)
Hartford, Conn.: WVIT (NBC Universal Television Stations)
Kansas City, Mo.: KMBC (Hearst-Argyle Television)
Cincinnati: WLWT (Hearst-Argyle Television)
Salt Lake City: KJZZ (Larry H. Miller Communications Corp.)
San Antonio: WOAI (Clear Channel)
Grand Rapids, Mich: WOOD (LIN TV)
Birmingham, Ala: WBMA (Allbritton Communications Co.)
Harrisburg, Pa.: WHTM (Allbritton Communications Co.)
Norfolk, Va.: WAVY (LIN TV)
Greensboro, N.C.: WXLV (Sinclair Broadcast Group)
Albany, N.Y.: WTEN (Young)
Jacksonville, Fla.: WLTV (Gannett Broadcasting)
Buffalo, N.Y.: WGRZ (Gannett Broadcasting)
Austin, Tex.: KXAN (LIN TV)
Tulsa, Okla.: KTUL (Allbritton Communications Co.)
Mobile, Ala.: WALA (LIN TV)
Dayton, Ohio: WDTN (LIN TV)
Roanoke, Va.: WSET (Allbritton Communications Co.)
Tri-Cities, Tenn.: WCYB (Bonten Media Group)
Fort Wayne, Ind.: WANE (LIN TV)


  1. Jacksonville, Fla.: WLTV (Gannett Broadcasting)
    That’s WTLV you knuckleheads.

  2. With clearances of this quality this early looks like WBTVD can skip NATPE along with CBS/King World/Paramount.

  3. No Pittsburgh? 🙁

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  8. At what time of day will the “Bonnie Hunt Show” be telecast on WEWS in Cleveland Ohio?

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