NBC Pulls Promotional Channels From YouTube

Oct 22, 2007  •  Post A Comment

In anticipation of the launch of Hulu later this month, NBC pulled all its promotional channels from Google-owned YouTube over the weekend.
An NBC representative said the network removed the channels because of the pending launch of the News Corp.-NBC online video joint venture. “We wanted to put all our support behind Hulu,” the rep said.
NBC said it remains open to promotional opportunities with YouTube after Hulu launches.
The removal of the content underscores heightened tension between NBC and other big media companies with YouTube, as networks become fearful of the increasing growth of the video-sharing site.
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  1. Wonder what’s NBC thinking with that move. Yes, I know NBC has a financial stake in Hulu, but YouTube is here now. But it does prove the almost hypocritical nature of the mainstream media companies and their attitudes towards new media ventures like YouTube.
    NBC was one of the few “old media” outlets embracing YouTube, and now they find themselves in an awkward position now forging itself as a competitor to the company. It’s understandable, I suppose, but I’m going to miss the SNL and Conan clips NBC officially uploaded to YouTube.
    I know they said they’re interested in promotional opportunities with YouTube, but completely pulling the NBC network and content from YouTube might hinder such projects in the future.

  2. This is interesting news. It seems like the promotional material could also help drive people to the Hulu sites. (Unless, of course, the Hulu content is the same)

  3. This is typical. Instead of embracing and diversifying their content distributions, NBC thinks they can build it on their own to reap all the profits. Not to name names but they’ve tried to simulate other popular internet ventures with failing results and this should be no different. Does NBC actually think they can compete with Google backed YouTube? Just embrace and learn to benefit from its power. Adapt NBC. Adapt.
    The technology and understanding of its young, video craving audience is the strength of You Tube. Its NBC’s strengths to provide engaging and provacative content to those users. Could have been a nice marriage but I guess NBC doesn’t like to share.

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