Writers Guild Denies Awards Show Waivers

Dec 17, 2007  •  Post A Comment

The Writers Guild of America on Monday denied requests for waivers that would have allowed guild members to prepare material for the 65th annual Golden Globe Awards.
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which presents the awards, and Dick Clark Productions, which produces the awards telecast, had asked the union to allow its writers to work on the show, scheduled for Jan. 13. NBC will telecast the show.
The WGA also denied a request from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to allow the use of clips from motion pictures and past Oscarcasts during the Oscars, which will be handed out on Feb. 24 and telecast on ABC.
According to the Associated Press, AMPAS spokeswoman Leslie Unger said it was the organization’s standard annual request for clips and said the academy had not asked for an Oscars-related waiver.
WGA West President Patric M. Verrone, in letters to the HFPA and AMPAS, said that while the guild respects both organizations, “Writers are engaged in a crucial struggle to achieve a collective bargaining agreement that will protect their compensation and intellectual property rights now and in the future. We must do everything we can to bring our negotiations to a swift and fair conclusion for the benefit of writers and all those who are being harmed by the companies’ failure to engage in serious negotiations.”
When the Golden Globe nominations were announced Thursday, several nominees told TelevisionWeek that they would not cross a picket line to collect their awards.
According to the AP, Dick Clark Productions said in a statement, “The Golden Globe Awards, which has a long and friendly relationship with the Writers Guild of America, is obviously disappointed that the WGA denied its request for a waiver.”
But it said it was “encouraged by the fact that the WGA has announced that it plans to negotiate agreements with independent production companies” and would attempt to reach a deal for the upcoming Globe ceremony, according to the AP.


  1. For crying out loud! The WGA is nothing but a bunch of selfish pigs! Why do they have to wreck everyone else’s lives just because they don’t think they’re being paid enough! Give me a break! I am sick of the WGA’s constant whining. They should just shut the hell up already.

  2. calm down Pete its a leverage, the guild can say if you come back to the table and negotiate we will change our mind
    anyway i’d rather just see Jon Stewart ad-lib the oscars anyway

  3. Damn, those writers are stupid. The AMPTP is immediately going to spin this to make the WGA look like a bunch of uninvited party crashers. I’m pissed at their decison. It’s selfish and wrong.

  4. Those lousy writers are so selfish. They don’t seem to realize that there are other people in this industry other than them. They don’t deserve a fair contract.

  5. Those lousy writers are so selfish. They don’t seem to realize that there are other people in this industry other than them. They don’t deserve a fair contract.


  7. I can’t believe I ever supported these idiots. These jerks should just shut up!

  8. Mr.Kim McBride: AS far as I can see some of you people are right to feel in how you feel and make you own opionions, I agree to a point, As a camera man, I see these movie stars make so much money for doin little at what they do. Some of them can’t even read and some of them act like premdonas on the set. Some of the actors or actress can only remember a very very short line and then it’s cut. I mean like 3 lines if that, and they are making lots and lots of money what a shame that is and for the writers should make a good pay check for what they do, you see how things are happening no writers no show so who has some power, but they should get paid for there craft, for if we did not have writers what would the actors or actress say. So everybdoy should really take a look and if the actors and actress can make millions of dollars for just a few lines and go out in the world and act like as holes then why shoudn’t the writers make a good paycheck as well and profit from there work, it’s there craft and there ideas that make the movies make sense, that’s My opionion Whats yours.

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