Bravo Lines Up ‘Supermodel’ Sponsors

Jan 9, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Alltel Wireless, Mercedes-Benz and Garnier will be integrated sponsors for Bravo’s new series “Make Me a Supermodel.”
As exclusive wireless sponsor, Alltel will sponsor the live voting for the series and an online game on the series’ Web site.
Mercedes-Benz will be featured as an on-air sponsor of the series, as well the official transportation vehicle for the series.
Garnier will be an on-air sponsor, as well as the exclusive hair-care partner used in the series.
All three sponsors will be featured in on-air billboards, tagged tune-in spots and series vignettes.
“Bravo’s content reaches an influential and upscale audience, and our advertisers recognize that,” said Susan Malfa, VP for ad sales at Bravo. “We are able to offer our sponsors fantastic 4-D opportunities to reach an audience that influences purchase decisions.”
“Make Me a Supermodel” premieres Thursday.


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