Echostar Makes Deal With BIAP to Offer Presidential Election ITV Content

Jan 7, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Echostar struck a deal with interactive television technology firm BIAP that will let the satellite provider offer presidential election-related ITV content.
Under the deal, Echostar has launched “Dish Decision 2008, a portal with political information on the national, state and local level.
Echostar will populate the portal with information from non-profit organization Glassbooth, and Echostar users will be able to rank the importance of key areas related to the candidates.
Glassbooth will then provide a “match” of the candidate that aligns most closely to their views.
The feature will be ad-supported.
BIAP is best known for its work with Time Warner. This is BIAP’s first deal with Echostar.


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