Obama Is First Democratic Candidate to Advertise Nationally

Jan 21, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is launching the first national advertising of the Democratic presidential campaign—a cable buy on CNN and MSNBC of a biographical spot—and he’s immediately getting ripped by rival Sen. Hillary Clinton for the purchase.
The Clinton campaign is complaining that by allowing viewers in all states to see the spots, the national buy violates a pledge made by each Democratic candidate not to compete in Florida. That state ignored a Democratic Party task force request and moved its primary before Feb. 1, prompting the Democratic National Committee to say the Florida primary wouldn’t count toward delegates. Each of the major candidates subsequently pledged not to compete for votes in the state’s primary.
In a statement today, the Clinton campaign called the Obama spot a “flagrant disregard” of that pledge.
“There is no question that these ads are a clear and blatant violation of the early-state pledge that Sen. Obama and the other leading Democratic candidates signed last year,” said the Clinton campaign statement. “The early-state pledge was crystal clear in its prohibition against any kind of campaign activity (outside of fundraising) in states that do not adhere to the DNC calendar. There is no ambiguity. Among the list of prohibited activities are ‘electronic advertising that reaches a significant percentage of the voters in the aforementioned state.’”
“Both national cable networks told us it would be impossible for us to run advertising nationally that excluded only Florida. For that reason we consulted with the South Carolina Democratic Party Chair, Carol Fowler, who told us unequivocally she did not consider this to be in violation of pledge made to the early states,” said Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton.
The 60-second Obama ads http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/inspiring_ad are similar to ads the campaign has run in primary states.
“After college and law school, Barack Obama could have cashed in. Instead he fought for change, working to rebuild an area torn apart by plant closings,” says the announcer in the ad. It features quotes from Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe and U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.
Sen. Obama’s is the first national ad of the Democrats. Rudolph Giuliani’s campaign has run two national broadcast spots during “Fox News Sunday.”


  1. Frankly speaking, i am personaly becoming suspecious of fmr. President Clinton’s tactics in this ’08 campaigns, he is simply potraying himself a big time liar and might return the Monica Lewinsky’s past scandals etc to present.
    All what he’s doing is to lie, talk to people secretly, destroying sen. Obama’s name and records and publicly claiming that he is for the black people while he is simply using them to achieve his family’s poltical aims.
    Well, the shame should go to those cheap black leaders and cheaters who believe, some one else has to show them the way instead of them uniting to grab the only real and clear opportnity that God have given them.
    Actually i am a Clintonit to the bone but not to buy his treaks. My only advice to Obama and his team is, never look back and never allow Bill clinton to prevail. Finally, Amercans got to know that no matter what, Bill clinton will never be a U.S.President again. He can ofcourse campaign for his wife but not with his dirty treaks and lies.
    And to all readers of these comments or words of mine, I wish to inform evry body that we need nothing but a change now to restor America’s respect and image world wide and to as well tackle the internal problems. May God bless America!

  2. HRC seems to complain about everything Obama does. She should concentrate on the actions of her husband and herself. They both twist facts and talk out of both sides of their mouths. Bill’s desperate attempts to be Co-President are truring off many Democrats. They should put some class back into Billary’s campaign.

  3. Obana please do not fall for clinton trice as that is what he wants you to do. stay about him and hillary.

  4. Sen. Obana
    Back ground if? true. Bother’s me when he was growing up Muslim back ground. Has anyone checked into that? Clintons is one thing,and Muslims are another? I could be wrong but the way I understand Muslim belief, the Only people that should live on this earth is muslims.I think everyone knows Bill Clinton’s very poor choices made in office! But he made it. Are we the people going to maybe make a bigger one and put some one possibly worse in office? I surely hope not.

  5. Obama is half white and half black. He is the union of unity and this falls over to that of President. White Bill wants to say he is black – rubbish. When Hillary lashes at Obama he should change the subject to what he intends to do for this country and and engage in old time politic of squallor.

  6. Start the ads after the Florida Primary Jan.29 and move on.
    As for the democratic party dis-enfranchising millions of voters… kinda makes you wonder.
    * Florida is the largest and most diverse state to vote so far in the 2008 presidential contest, with a population of 18 million, including 20 percent Hispanic and 16 percent black.

  7. Dear Gastager:
    Obama isn’t muslim and the answer is no to ” …Muslim belief, only people that should live on this earth is muslims.” They all don’t think that, just like all Christians aren’t all pro-life.
    America needs new leadership and this Bush, Clinton, Bush, (maybe Clinton) rotation has got to stop. Change is good, and nothing ever stays the same.

  8. Um, people who think Obama is anything but a loyal American running for President, need to pick up a newspaper that isn’t in the pockets of the Clintons. I was a big fan of Bill, until now and Hillary is no Bill! So they are both losers at this point.
    President Obama sounds mighty good!

  9. May God Bless you, “President Obama”. I am keeping you in my prayers because I feel that God has placed you in this posistion for such a time as this. Jesus said that “The first shall be last and the Last shall be first. So, hold your peace, because the battle is already won. Just remember who is in control. Keep The Faith and Hope that is within you.

  10. omg all Obama does is whine and the media thinks he’s a god! Hillary can do nothing right and Obama is never callled out for his wrong doing, his arrogance and the FACT he’s an empty suit.
    He’s a great orator with no resume who sat at home writing books about himself while Hillary was out working for families and children’s rights.. Sadly no one cares about the facts..
    Bush was a good ole boy and american idiots voted for him.. how’d that work out for you?
    Obama uses words like “change” when he’s barely been in Washington for 1 year (with 1 yr campaigning as if he’s qualified after one year in washington and a sen seat in illinois he won cuz he ran unopposed!)..
    this is insane! people wake up! where is the media coverage on ANY facts about obama? seriously doens’t this concern anyone? they handle him with kid gloves !
    Obama broke the rules in florida by runnign an intentional tv ad there.. if HIllary had done that all hell would have broke loose in the media and you know it..
    obama whines alot, poor obama, clintons are picking on him.. what will he do when the repubs get a hold of him? he has no clue what he’s up against.
    try facts once people, turn off Fox which is right wing fake crap, msnbc is a fox wannabe and is all pro obama 24/7.. wake up!
    example: the media keeps crying that Bill Clinton was all red and angry and furious and they used all sorts of adjectives to describe how mean he was to the press,.. did anyone bother to notice that the media when reporting this they don’t show you the actual full video of how/when this happened so the viewers could judge for themselves? do you think this is by accident? this is an outright smear campaign..
    even Jon Stewart the other night ran a video of several clips put together showing how the media lied and exaggerated about Bill Clinton and Mitt Romney.. it made an azz of the media and he called them out for it.
    stop the smear campaign against Hillary. How many have EVER bothered to read this woman’s resume of what she’s done for 35 yrs and what have you done to compare to it? my god people stop buying into the media hype the media bulldozing and brainwashing and seriously do your own research, and that does not mean go to right wing sites that smear her!
    this is the video of Jon Stewarts piece on the media.. if this lets me post a link;

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