Toshiba Cuts Prices on HD DVD Players

Jan 14, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Toshiba cut the prices of its least expensive HD DVD players in half, 10 days after Warner Bros. may have ended the next-generation format war by deciding to exclusively back Sony’s competing Blu-ray player.
Toshiba’s suggested retail price for its entry-level HD-A3 will be $149.99 while the HD-A30’s price will be $199.99, the company said today. Last week, the models were priced at $299.99 and $399.99.
“While price is one of the consideration elements for the early adopter, it is a deal-breaker for the mainstream consumer,” said Yoshi Uchiyama, group vice president for Toshiba’s digital A/V group, in a statement. Mr.Uchiyama didn’t mention Toshiba’s competition with Blu-ray.
Earlier this month, Time Warner’s Warner Bros. said it would start releasing its high-definition discs exclusively in Blu-ray format starting in June, leaving Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation as the only studios exclusively backing HD DVD and causing some analysts to declare the format war over. Toshiba said at the time that it was “surprised” and “disappointed” by the decision.


  1. If there is only sony with no competition the prices for their Blu-ray will sky rocket in price.
    There needs to be competition.

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