Chart: Top Shows in African American Homes

Mar 5, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Among African American households, “American Idol” was a bigger prize than the Oscars, according to data from Nielsen Media Research. The following chart shows the top-rated shows in African American households for the week ending Feb. 24.

Program Network Rating Viewers (000)
1. American Idol-Tuesday Fox 16.9 3,592
2. American Idol-Wednesday Fox 16.0 3,187
3. American Idol-Thursday Special Fox 13.4 2,743
4. 80th Annual Academy Awards ABC 11.6 2,151
5. Don’t Forget the Lyrics Fox 10.4 2,128
6. Oscar’s Red Carpet ABC 8.9 1,580
7. 60 Minutes CBS 7.9 1,406
8. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Fox 7.7 1,456
9. Without a Trace CBS 7.6 1,307
10. CSI: Miami CBS 7.5 1,548
10. Prison Break Fox 7.5 1,414

Source: Nielsen Media Research. Viewing estimates on this page include live viewing and DVR playback on the same day, defined as 3 a.m. to 3 a.m. Ratings are the percentage of TV homes in the U.S. tuned into television.


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