With Media Always On Everywhere, What’s Next?

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TelevisionWeek: We wanted to talk to you a little bit about this conference and the phenomenal growth it has had since it started 15 years ago. Did you come up through the media side of the business?
Nancy Hill: No, I did not come up in the media side. However, what’s interesting to me about this whole thing is that it wasn’t until I came to New York that I had my first experience of working with an outside media department.
TVWeek: Really?
Ms. Hill: And that was six years ago. So every place I had ever worked before that, starting with Doner in Baltimore, we had in-house media people. So the whole debate of a media department or media agency that was inside or outside was lost on me until I got here to New York and had my first taste of it at BBDO.
TVWeek: Now having had that experience, as well as your previous experience of media not being separated from creative, do you think media should be back inside with the creatives, or do you think it depends on the situation?
Ms. Hill: I think that there are so many different configurations that work, and there are also many configurations that don’t work. So it’s a very case-by-case, people-dependent situation, depending upon whatever marketer you’re working with. I know that’s going to sound a little bit like a cop-out, and I don’t mean it to. It’s just that I’ve seen it work and I’ve seen it not work, and it really depends on the group of individuals who are coming together and whether they are dedicated to making it work or not.
TVWeek: Given your perspective from where you came up with agencies, what do you feel about media’s role today, given the mantra that the consumer wants to be reached by content when he or she decides that’s when they want to be reached, and by various devices of his or her choice?
Ms. Hill: First, let’s just clarify, I actually grew up as an account person, not a media person. I happen to have worked at agencies where media was inside. But I’m very media-friendly. I guess I’m an “uber” consumer of media, if you will. I do play, watch, click, everything constantly. I say that by way of telling you I think that’s the reason media has become so important. You do have a culture now of people—and I don’t even want to define it by age group—who are using media 24/7 in some form or fashion. I think that’s the biggest difference between 15 years ago and what you see now. Because 15 years ago people would make an appointment to sit down and watch television, say, at prime time, 8 o’clock, Monday nights to see something.
TVWeek: Right.
Ms. Hill: And when I was in my car I’d listen to the radio, and then when I got up in the morning I read the newspaper and I had a few magazines.
And I might have been—let’s see, I might have been doing a bit of dial-up, but it was so nasty and slow I wasn’t spending any time with it.
But now you literally have media in your hand all the time.
So I think that’s why this conference has become so important. Because you don’t just have four or five forms of media, you have 45 forms of media.
TVWeek: Hence the theme of this year’s conference: Digital Changes Everything.
Ms. Hill: Right.
TVWeek: That goes to right what you’re talking about. The content can follow from where digital technology leads us.
Ms. Hill: Right. And also don’t forget the ever, ever, ever important measurement side of this. Because digital changes that, too. The change is A-to-Z for marketers. Who do we want to speak to, where do we want to speak to them and are we actually reaching them? Digital has an impact in every single piece of that equation.
TVWeek: As you know, the nurturing of this media conference over the years has really been Burtch’s baby.
Ms. Hill: Absolutely. The thing that set Burtch apart is that 15 years ago he recognized there was a need for a media conference. And I think one of the things about Burtch that is interesting is his forward-thinking and that he thinks about these things maybe sooner than most people give him credit for.

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