HD Camcorders: From Niche to Norm

Apr 24, 2008  •  Post A Comment

This year’s graduates have all the more reason to recoil in horror from their camcorder-toting parents, as a lot more of the cap-and-gown crowd will have their every move filmed in HD.
While DVD analysts have predicted that high-definition players will rise in popularity once prices drop to levels close to the higher-end standard-definition machines, such a surge is already happening with HD camcorders.
For the year ended in March, unit sales of HD camcorders in the U.S. jumped about 350%, compared with a slight decline in sales for the overall camcorder market, according to Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis at NPD Group.
The surge has been driven by a drop in prices after camcorder leaders such as Sony, Canon and JVC started boosting the number of HD camcorder choices. HD camcorders cost on average about $815, compared to about $435 for standard camcorders, according to NPD.
“In addition to unit growth, we’re seeing very strong revenue growth vis-a-vis the market as a whole,” Rubin said. “While formats may shift, certainly over time, the entire camcorder market will turn high definition.”
With the increased amount of memory required for high-definition video, many consumers will be choosing between camcorders equipped with hard drives and those with Flash memory cards.
Rubin said many companies at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show were unveiling hybrid machines. While Flash-equipped camcorders tend to be more expensive, the machines are usually in the 13-ounce range, or about 20% lighter than their hard drive-equipped counterparts.
Either way, memory storage advancements and the increasing popularity of HDTVs are likely to continue to help drive prices of HD camcorders down.
“Next year, we’ll see camcorders bundling Flash getting closer to the high end of mainstream camcorders,” Rubin said. “If you’re in that price range of about $600, it makes sense to go with HD.”


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