‘LonelyGirl,’ ‘KateModern’ Set Crossover Shows

Apr 21, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Characters from the two popular Web series “Lonelygirl15” and “KateModern” will guest star in each other’s shows for the next two weeks starting today, the creators of both series announced.
The shared programming will run through May 1 on www.LG15.com and www.KateModern.bebo.com. In the shows, two of the characters will meet in London and return to Los Angeles to fight the “Order.”
Both Web dramas are created by EQAL. The online studio is led by Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried, who created both shows.


  1. LonelyGirl15” and “KateModern programme intergration isn’t surprising allow a web fan base and its follower to this fusion of two characters to create a web double whammy.
    Already big with Bebo, Myspace and Facebook audiences in UK, but now by taking it to the US in Los Angleles, it allows a whole new audience to become regular web video watchers, the video blogging format really connects with the screenagers of the net generation.
    The fact that Virgin Airways brought Kate Modern for inflight entertainment. Show the value of cross selling or other tv/broadcast deals that can be made, including exclusive internet and mobile downloads, ipod episodes, merchandise etc.
    If they can also get a cable/satellite sales and feature film package then these spinoffs could prove very lucrative indeed.
    EQAL the production company already secured $5 million in venture funding from Spark Capital who are also investors in Veoh.com.

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