‘Bridezillas’ Looks to Break Through

Jun 4, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Sometimes media companies and television networks have to work hardest to fight through the clutter and seek those proverbial “outside the box” ideas when they’re marketing their own programs.
Take WE tv and its signature show, “Bridezillas,” which launched its fifth season earlier this week.
In addition to the old-style, on-channel tune-ins and new-fangled digital promotion, WE and its media agency Media Storm decided to go out-of-home, but in a different way.
The ads are built around see-through display cases attached to bus shelters. Inside the cases, which are 5 feet tall and 5 inches deep, is a wedding dress, torn and stained with red wine and coffee. Also in the case are a broken glass, a smashed wedding cake and a bride’s white shoe that breaks through the glass.
The message on this odd scene: “Bridezillas: This Season the Family Fights Back!”
The cases are in strategic spots in New York and Chicago, including Madison Avenue between 30th and 31st streets in the Big Apple and 67 E. Wacker Drive in the Windy City.
WE tv’s creative agency Yard provided creative execution and Atomic Props handled building and assembling the displays.
“Our Bridezillas outdoor displays are definitely pushing the envelope of creativity as they help communicate the theme of this year’s WE tv ‘Bridezillas’ series—‘The Family Fights Back,’” said Kenetta Bailey, senior VP of marketing for WE tv. “We created these displays, as one of the many marketing elements of the campaign, because they have stopping power. Our goal is to catch people’s attention, get them interested in the new season of ‘Bridezillas,’ and drive them to talk about the show, the network and, ultimately to tune in.”
This is the second straight year that WE tv’s trade marketing and advertising and branding departments have collaborated on a 3-D street-level display execution to promote “Bridezillas.”
In 2007, bus shelters throughout New York and Chicago featured replicas of a designer wedding dress by Tomasina; consumers had a chance to win the original by entering a sweepstakes.
The Chicago execution was named Innovative Campaign of the Year by outdoor advertising giant JCDecaux.
“The 3-D street-level displays are definitely head-turners,” said Craig Woerz, managing partner of Media Storm. “A badly stained and torn wedding dress will quickly register with the millions of ‘Bridezillas’ fans in New York and Chicago, and we are confident they will tune in and say, ‘I do’ to a fifth season.”


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