Southern Comfort to Create Branded Series on MyDamnChannel

Jun 13, 2008  •  Post A Comment

MyDamnChannel inked an agreement with Southern Comfort to create a branded entertainment Web series, one of the first deals of its kind for the original comedy series Web site.
Financial terms were not disclosed, but the deal reportedly is in the mid six figures.
The partnership is noteworthy because it demonstrates ad money is flowing into Web video. Also, the deal underscores the advantages of Web video over traditional TV—advertisers can more easily create branded content for online partners. Branded entertainment is a fast-growing segment of the Web video advertising business.
Under the agreement, MyDamnChannel and Southern Comfort will create 12 weeks of “MyDamnChannel Music Nights” in bars and clubs in New York and Los Angeles and during the brand-sponsored SoCo Music Experience, a multi-city festival this summer. Performers scheduled for the festival include Gnarls Barkley, the Roots and the Black Keys.
In July, the partners will launch a co-branded video series for the site hosted by MyDamnChannel’s Grace Helbig. She’ll visit music bars and ask fun music-related questions of patrons. The site also will produce concert coverage from the festival.
“We’ve started building a big audience and turning quality content into significant sponsorships,” said Rob Barnett, founder and CEO of My Damn Channel. “Southern Comfort made a major commitment to back branded entertainment and to put our channel and our fans together on the road.”


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