NFL Network Urges FCC to Act on Its Comcast Complaint

Jul 10, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The NFL Network is pushing forward on its claim that Comcast was discriminatory in not including the channel on basic cable packages. Suggesting Comcast’s own filing proved the discrimination, the NFL is asking the Federal Communications Commission to act.
“Comcast has discriminated against NFL Network by treating it differently than the sports channels it owns,” the NFL Network said today in a filing with the FCC. “In light of this, NFL Network believes that the FCC can and should … [direct] Comcast to distribute NFL Network on the same service level as it distributes its own channels, Versus and Golf Channel—whatever service level that may be.”
The NFL’s filing today is the final preparatory step before the FCC takes up the case. Comcast has asked the agency to rectify discriminatory treatment.
In its latest filing, NFL Network also argued that its channel would be more popular than others; that Comcast’s decision to make the NFL Network a premium channel didn’t save cable subscribers money; and that Comcast’s treatment of the channel versus its own sports channels “requires a determination of discrimination as a matter of law.”
Comcast has denied discriminating; it did so again today.
“Comcast makes the NFL Network available to all of our customers on a tier of service that the NFL agreed to and negotiated by contract,” said Sena Fitzmaurice, senior director, corporate communications and government affairs.
“Other video providers that do not own national sports channels have made similar carriage decisions to Comcast’s or, in many cases, have decided not to carry the NFL Network at all.
“The NFL is the richest and most powerful of all sports leagues, with immense market power; yet it keeps running to federal and state governments to try to force changes in a deal it actually negotiated with Comcast. The NFL has received precisely what it bargained for and needs no government assistance,” she said.


  1. Comcast is not honoring NFL as a basic channel. They told me that I have to subscribe to the sports channel for the cost of 4.99 a month to receive the channel. I am furious. I have not been charged by other companies for this channel in the past. How can I receive the NFL channel?
    Blue Springs, MO

  2. Another example of greed and a complete disregard for customer’s rights by big business!
    I am disgusted with Comcasts on the matter of not offering their subscribers the NFL channel at no addition charge, and now their arrogant decision to not even carry it! What a sham. I am considering dropping them in favor of satellite providers.I realize it will only cost them my $160.00 a month fee, but if enough of us take this stance perhaps we can hurt them were it will hurt the most, their pocket book.

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