‘Nick News’ Explores Tibet

Jul 16, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Nickelodeon will premiere “Nick News With Linda Ellerbee: Torchlight on Tibet: Politics, the Olympics and You” on July 20.
The program will tackle the issue of Tibet with Chinese, American and Tibetan children. The kids will debate whether politics should be a part of the Olympics, and if not, whether a ban violates the right to free speech.
“Nick News” also visited Tibetan refugee children living in Dharamsala, India, to see how they live and hear why and under what circumstances they hope to return to Tibet.


  1. X’cellent idea.Will open up a whole new world for the better!

  2. the fact that they only visit Dharamsala and not Tibet itself mean the kids won’t be taught the truth. is this the best neutral viewpoint the west can do?

  3. i find that this is highly biased and they are brainwashing kids. do you kno how much china has helped tibet? tibet would be a poor, disease-ridden country without china. and even if china didn’t conquer tibet, india or some other country would have. nick news should present their news from both sides

  4. Thank you Ms. Ellerbee for the ‘Torchlight
    on Tibet’ program. The sad situation in Tibet
    has been going on too long. Not having any
    natural resources does not make it very valuable.
    So, the government can easily overlook its’
    existence, until Compassionate souls cry out
    for justice and the correct treatment of a
    people in their own country.
    It is not brainwashing to want to speak
    your own language and know about your own
    culture. To study and learn is a freedom. But
    that is the whole issue in Tibet.
    What is there to Conquer in Tibet? A land of
    prayer and meditation does not seem like a
    threat to me. The land and space was the big
    attraction to a country that is over populated
    and running out of places to put its’ people.

  5. I was thoroughly outraged by this show, with it’s completely biased anti-China viewpoint and lack of understanding of the situation in Tibet; the history, what the Dalai Lama actually wants for Tibet, etc. That Nickelodeon would air this is irresponsible and damaging to kids’ views of what is happening in the world.

  6. This show is a joke and B.S. It’s one sided story and not worth watching!

  7. What has China done for Tibet?????? China’s rule in Tibet has not helped the people living in Tibet at all….. Even if China thinks Tibet is a part of their own country then why does the chinese people have rights and people living in tibet doesnt? Thats not fair…..I think that people should be able to see the situation in Tibet.

  8. akinkhoo: to answer your question…media is not allowed in Tibet right now by the Chinese government after the Crack down in TIbet because of March 14-15. Sadly we will not be hearing what is on the minds of TIbetan children because free media is not allowed in Tibet by China.
    The truth: Most of the children that you claim are brainwashed are actually the ones who have run away. You obviously did not see the Nangpa la shooting of about 20 kids who were crossing the mountains to get to India to be FREE! Most children from Tibet flee their country with a guide and when they arrive in India have no parents to take care of them. The TIbetan government in exile and the Dalai Lama are the ones who end up taking care of these children. I would know since I have friends who were in the same situation. Please do not underestimate these children, they are the direct result of the Chinese occupation.
    I think this is a great thing to do for kids to learn more about the ideals of Olympics and how China seems to be ignoring these ideals. It also is great for western kids to learn more about Tibetan children and vise versa.
    Thank You, Nick!

  9. Thank you Nick News. What a wonderful idea, to expose children to seemingly complex but fundamental human rights issues in the word, through the experiences and thoughts of other children. Growing up in en environment that values your own culture and fosters self-esteem and pride in identity, is a concept that all kids can grasp.
    Why does China want to keep its stranglehold on Tibet?, if it has nothing to offer China and if Tibet is such a burden to China. Tibetans don’t need this kind of patronizing “help.”

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