TV Land Can’t Get Enough Foremans

Jul 16, 2008  •  Post A Comment

George Foreman wears almost as many hats as he has children.
While Mr. Foreman has been busy being a champion boxer, grill inventor and pitchman, writer and preacher, he may be even busier at home with his 10 kids, including four sons named George.
Mr. Foreman is opening up his hectic home life to the public, appearing in the reality show “Family Foreman,” premiering today on TV Land.
“Olympic gold medal winner, minister, businessman – there are so many ways to describe George Foreman – but viewers have never seen how he juggles all of these demands with being a loving father,” said Larry W. Jones, president of TV Land. “Foreman truly lives life to the fullest, and our viewers can easily relate to how he gets caught up in the frenzy of his busy life.”
The characters on the Foreman family’s Texas ranch include:
*Mary Foreman, also known as Joan or Mom, the backbone of the family who keeps him grounded when he comes up with crazy ideas such as getting back in the ring.
*Natalie Foreman, nicknamed the Songbird, who wants a singing career despite her parents’ desire that she become a doctor.
*George III, or Monk, who manages Foreman Inc. full-time.
*Leola, who is Daddy’s little girl, is studying for a degree in child psychology and loves to play with her Yorkshire terrier.
*George IV, or Big Wheel, a running back on his college football team.
*George V, known as Red, who competes with his older brother while playing on his high school football squad.
*George VI, nicknamed Joe, who is home-schooled and does his homework with his dad, then plays video games.
In support of the series, TVLand.com will post weekly blogs by Natalie Foreman immediately following the broadcasts. Viewers also will have next-day access to full episodes online.
“Family Foreman” is produced for TV Land in partnership with New Line Television. Executive producers are George Foreman Sr., George Foreman Jr., George Foreman III, Jim Rosenthal and Jon Kroll.


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