NBC’s Democratic Convention Coverage Ahead in Early Ratings

Aug 26, 2008  •  Post A Comment

NBC’s coverage of the Democratic National Convention’s first day trumped the other broadcast networks’ coverage Monday night in metered household ratings, the most preliminary numbers available.
The Big Three networks covered the DNC for an hour in prime time, beginning at 10 p.m. EDT.
The convention coverage aired live, meaning Michelle Obama’s speech, the evening’s main event, aired in the 7 p.m hour in some markets.
NBC’s coverage of the DNC brought in a 3.8 rating/6 share in metered households, which represent 56 national markets.
Second-place ABC earned a 2.9/5 for its coverage and CBS took third place with a 2.4/4.
ABC’s coverage actually improved its time period considerably from last week (a showing of the movie “Bewitched”), while CBS dipped 42% in the time period compared with last week’s “CSI: Miami” repeat.
NBC aired the much-watched Beijing Olympics last week, skewing week-to-week comparisons.
Metered markets aren’t neccesarily a barometer of how the coverage will fare once fast national ratings (which include measurements of different demographic groups) are released by Nielsen this morning.
(Updated to indicate preliminary numbers in first paragraph.)

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  1. Lyra;
    Stay the course – change does not happen overnight. Remember that it is less than 100 years that Americans were “seeking change” in the Jim Crow Laws, voting rights for women and minorities, and equal civil rights. There will be Americans who are comfortable with the status quo while complaining of its inadequacies.
    I say, stay the course, vote for the best candidate that will represent hope for recovery from the damages done to our children’s economic future. From Jeb to George, the Bush’s have left their legacy of financial ruin that will be realized more clearly in the next generation. Likewise, the political mass media’s bamboozling of the past has left a legacy of damages that will be realized even more clearly in the next generation. McCain is on track with these, and he has been doing it for a number of years; and if elected president, plan on more of the same.
    I do not see hope with McCain’s diplomatic prowess in leading this country’s recovering from damages done by the Bush administration in Korea, Japan, or China. I do not see hope with reducing the potential of a draft to provide military support in Africa, South America (war on drugs), Afghanistan, and Iraq. I do not see hope with McCain leading this country with potential global conflicts that will have more soldiers on the battlefield such as Georgia, Iran, Pakistan, and Africa. I do not see hope with McCain to reduce America’s ‘addiction’ to oil.
    Stay the course. I do see potential leaders in America who can answer the call, w however; few have been able to withstand those who specialize in resistance to the status quo. Even fewer who can withstand the socio-economical bamboozling of the mass media and attain a status as a real candidate to lead America successfully. I see only one that I will proudly vote as my leader for recovering America from damages done over the last 8 years. His name is Barak Obama. For now, he is our best hope.

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