Video: Daisy on What the Other Half Watches on the Web

Aug 12, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The conventional wisdom from TV networks is that consumers turn to the Web to catch up on episodes of shows they missed. But new research from IMMI says only half of online TV viewers use the computer as a DVR. What does the other half do? Tune in to the “New Media Minute” hosted by Daisy Whitney for the details.
You’ll also learn the tricks of the trade from one of the most popular and best-regarded Web series out there: “You Suck at PhotoShop.” The creators shared their tips for Web video success.
This week’s episode also explains how the Web series “Real World Green” inked a deal with a like-minded sponsor and why it’s important for ads to fit the message in a Web show.


  1. I think sustaining audience through storyline and going after niche audiences is pretty well understood around the aspiring web producer community…What the real challenge is (In my opinion) and where there has been a relative dearth of information is distribution at the no/low budget level.
    Now I know what your thinking…distribution through destination sites like youtube, vimeo, blogs blah blah blah, get it hyped on digg etc…but there are two challenges there:
    it’s a seriously manual and time consuming process…not to mention that the web community is not so interested in ‘shameless self promotion’ (and rightfully so).
    2. Most of the info out there only works if your niche is still within the tech geek community. For instance, my niche (hunters) would probably rather turn their guns on themselves than twitter.
    Makes me wonder if building an online community is really allthat different than traditional media for those out there who think every show on revision 3 is lame.

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