Bloomberg TV Will Sell Some Ads via Google Platform

Sep 25, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Bloomberg Television has agreed to let Google sell some of its commercials through Google’s TV Ads platform, the companies said Thursday.
Google, which dominates Internet search advertising and has been looking to crack the TV advertising market, last month made a deal to use its automated ad sales system to sell commercials on some of NBC Universal’s cable networks.
Google says that users of TV Ads will be able to reach wealthy Bloomberg viewers and access a range of viewership data previously unavailable.
The system also should attract a wider range of advertisers to Bloomberg, including some that haven’t been advertising on TV, because its keyword search function makes it easier to find relevant programming, the company said.
“We’re pleased to be partnering with Bloomberg Television to continue to make TV advertising more relevant and measurable,” said Mike Steib, director of Google TV Ads, in a statement. “We will now be able to give advertisers, many of whom have never tried TV advertising before, access to the desirable Bloomberg Television demographic.”
“As high-net-worth viewers are extremely difficult to quantify using traditional methods, we believe that involvement with Google TV Ads from an early stage will help us and our advertisers learn more about our audience,” said Trevor Fellows, head of advertising sales at Bloomberg.


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