‘Ellen,’ ‘Tyra’ Discuss Booking Candidates (Correction)

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While “Oprah” has ruled out booking the presidential candidates for her talk show, Telepictures Productions’ series “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “The Tyra Banks Show” are currently in discussions about booking the candidates for their programs, according to a company spokesperson.
With both shows preparing to launch new seasons this month, daytime talk shows remain a traditional and primary vehicle used to reach the key women’s demographic that has become a hot spot during the electoral process.
Those talks take place as Oprah Winfrey said today she won’t have candidates on her show. Her statement was prompted by a story on the Drudge Report saying her staff was divided about inviting Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin on the show as a guest.
None of the candidates, including Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain, Democrat Barack Obama, Gov. Palin or Democrat VP candidate Sen. Joe Biden have been booked since the conventions.
(Editor: Baumann. Corrects first paragraph to remove reference about discussions with candidates. Removes reference in third paragraph to attempts to contact candidates.)


  1. BWA-HA-HAH!
    It just gets better and better!
    Now she WANTS to book Palin and won’t be able to!
    Here she pimps for Obama, hires the ghostwriters who wrote his book for him, buys up copies to make it a bestseller which all sends her into the ratings toilet. People have realized they don’t want a know-nothing celebrity ramming their president down their throats.
    On top of that, now she can’t book the woman whose speech was watched by millions more people than Obama’s, without looking like a total MORON.

  2. LiberalsCaused911
    What a stupid name and a stupid comment.

  3. Sad that Ellen and Tyra would sell out their values to allow that right-wing puppet on their show. Guess they don’t care about universal health care, the environment, peace in the middle east. Shame on Tyra and Ellen.

  4. This article seems to side-step the fact that Oprah has already had Obama on her show. She loudly announced that “He is the ONE” along with other gushing affirmations. Her support of him was so over the top she took heat from fans for days about it. It was reported that some vowed to never watch her again after such a blatantly partisan exhibit. They didn’t want their Oprah a political shill. To late.
    And yet she says that she “has ruled out booking the presidential candidates”. Complete BS, she has booked candidates, she just rules out booking candidates that she doesn’t support.
    It is her show after alll but we now all know where she is coming from. We now know the bloundry, her credibility is shot.

  5. LiberalsCaused9 & G Jiggy:
    you really need to get your facts straight…Palin’s speech did not draw millions more people than Obama…but you are probably the typical uninformed person that makes up their own facts.
    And Obama has not been on the Oprah show since before the primaries…just like the Clintons have also. She decided before Patin was even in the picture to not have any of the candidates on her show.
    You people just like making up stuff as you go.

  6. “the ONE”
    Her school in Africa only admits blacks, i.e. Whites in the back of the bus.” her beliefs are in sinc with Obama’s just as Donna Brazile’s are, just as Jeremiah Wright’s are. Read some James Cone and enjoy the RACIAL theme that pervades: “white devils.”
    Oprah is clever by half.
    Anyway, continue genuflecting before your Deity, with adulation and plaudits, with banal apologetics meant for the addlepated.

  7. If Tyra and Ellen want the candidates on their shows they should have them. Since both are liberals they should be fair and show the other side. If Oprah doesn’t want Palin on her show than she doesn’t have to have her, but don’t give me that “Whites in the back of the bus” bull crap!! That doesn’t exist, whites are always in the forefront and will continue to be! So it’s okay for Oprah to have her school in order to give people a chance that ordinarily wouldn’t have one. At any rate it is a free country and people can have their own darn opinion!!!!

  8. Remember: EQUAL time for ALL candidates, too. See? This is why Oprah has wisely decided NOT to use her show as a platform. Obama hasn’t been on since he’s announced his candidacy. You give an hour to stupid Palin, you *gotta* give an hour to Biden.

  9. JVSP’s comment shows ignorance. Have you heard of apartheid? Go back to world history class ! Oh plus the school admits poor girls from with great potential and 99.99% of them are black in South Africa due to apartheid. Get a clue !

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