McCains Plan to Visit ‘The View’

Sep 5, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain and his wife, Cindy, will appear on ABC’s “The View” on Sept. 12.
They will be the only featured guests during the episode, which kicks off the program’s “Red, White & View” campaign promoting civic responsibility.
The interview marks Sen. McCain’s fifth guest appearance on the talk show. Mrs. McCain has appeared on “The View” twice before.


  1. Well with Joy Bighair running her liberal illogical mouth on that show, John McCain doesn’t stand a chance. Joy and her idol Rosie O’Donnell, have shouted poor Elizabeth Hasselbach down too many times, but then again, that’s what the ANGRY LEFT does to people.
    I hope Cindy or John for that matter, dishes out a nice heaping helping of Republican back talk against Bighair. She deserves it because she is belligerent and won’t SHUT UP long enough to hear people out.

  2. Pat: it won’t matter how many times McCain goes on The View. Joy represents the liberal crowd who only believe in empowered women and the whole feminist movement as long as they are liberal women.
    How ironic that none of the pro-women pro-shatter-the-glass-ceiling women are SILENT when it comes to standing up for Palin and all the unfair born-of-the-left attacks that have happened against her.
    But then again, what do we all expect? For the liberal media to actually tell the truth and be fair? Not going to happen, folks.

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