McCain’s ‘View’ Statements Draw Obama Rebuttal

Sep 12, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The Obama campaign is seizing on Sen. John McCain’s statements today on ABC’s “The View,” especially comments and questions of Joy Behar and Barbara Walters.
Ms. Behar questioned the veracity of the GOP presidential candidate’s advertising attacks this week on Democrat Barack Obama.
Ms. Behar asked Sen. McCain: “There are ads running from your campaign, one of them is saying that Obama, when he said you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig, was talking about Sarah [Palin]. There’s another ad that says that Obama was interested in teaching sex education to kindergartners. Now, we know that those two ads are untrue, they’re lies. And yet you, at the end of it, say, ‘I approve these messages.’ Do you really approve them?”
Sen. McCain answered, “Actually, they are not lies.”
Ms. Walters and Ms. Behar also asked about the campaign’s contention that Gov. Palin would stop earmarks, suggesting she had accepted earmarks for Alaska.
Today after the show aired, the Obama campaign issued several press releases on the interview.
One of them stated:
“Today on ‘The View,’ John McCain defended his campaign’s latest ad campaign, which has been debunked repeatedly as both false and sleazy. In running the sleaziest campaign since South Carolina in 2000 and standing by completely debunked lies on national television, it’s clear that John McCain would rather lose his integrity than lose an election.”


  1. WAY TO GO LADIES! I was a republican, now I am a democrat

  2. McCains nickname is Washington is ‘”MCNASTY”
    How nasty do you have to be to be called that in WASHINGTON!!

  3. Has anyone READ the sex education that Obama proposes for kindergartners? If you read it, you would understand McCain’s ad. Most of that graphic info is NOT needed to warn preschoolers away from child predators like Obama claims. PLEASE be better informed!

  4. I am very glad to see Obama is not going to let the gop and republicans spread there lies like they did about Kerry the sad thing with the Kerry election he gave american people the benfit of the doubt thinking they woun’t go for the smear look who ends up in the WH. I am so glad that Obama realizes that smear dose work unless you fight it. I can not belive how Sahra lies and lies blantly and I mean blantly even when they show it and she still gose on with her lies?? These so called Christains act like she’s a god??? hypocrisy in the gop and republicans yet the media covers it up and it seems like we have alot of closed minded people out there..Why don’t the republicans bring up the fact that John Mcshame is the one that directed to Hillary awhile back. Obama was talking about issuses Sarah name wasn’t even in the conversation. America please wake up and look for the truth and ask yourself just because someone talks about expreience doesn’t mean they know what they are doing haven’t you worked with bosses that were more exprienced but yet din’t really know what they are doing?? Wisdom is what Obama is about Biden has the exprience. Think about how Obama has run his campaign and look how organized he is and how calm and inner peace he seems to have. Mccaine is hot headed so is Sarah they want to act tuff on our behalf yet they would rather fight then talk?? Kenndy knew how to talk to people all around the world just like Obama.

  5. Maria you have gotton the wrong reading on Obama concern about the kindergartners he wants to make them aware there are preditors out there he dose not want to teach them about sex, some republicans probley sent you some materials about it because I got the same things on my e-mail but luck me I had already been informed what he’s stance on that is. Maria maybe you better open your mind and do some research before you spread your lies about Obama on the sex education.

  6. Marianne…
    When will the press begin reporting the most pertinent facts of John McCain’s 5 years as a POW?
    The Code of Conduct of the U.S. Military (in which I served) instructs members of the armed services, if captured, to reveal only their name, rank and serial number. McCain admitted he was “broken” by the Vietnamese and he volunteered more than name, rank and serial number — which, in military terms, classifies him as a traitor to his country.
    In addition, his confession hat he attempted suicide twice as a POW would be scoffed at by sociologists, who believe anyone who tries to commit suicide and fails only wanted more attention.
    Being a traitor and a malinger are certainly not qualifications for the Presdient of the United States.

  7. McCain and Palin both say they want to get the govermnet off our backs but into every womens womb.

  8. Awesome! Media getting tough on the righties! Finally.
    This is an example of real women who won’t be fooled by McCain’s pick of Sarah Failin’

  9. You people act as if Obama wrote that legislation with that actual intent to graphically teach children those things.
    Its ignorant to believe that and just gives you one more excuse to vote based on race and fears about someone that isn’t like you!
    Get a grip, this country is going down the tubes and we need a new direction!
    I was so happy with the View today and I hope this goes down in history as the beginning of the end for John McCain (For me and many of my conservative Catholic friends, who are well aware of the anti-catholic views of Palins pentacostal church) the day McCain picked Palin was the death of his campaign!

  10. THE VIEW

  11. Obviously, the majority of the comments favorable to Obama were made by the uneducated, uninformed in our midst. These women have no clue. And probably never will have a decent awareness of the world around them. We can do without these mindless sheep trying to CHANGE the world to their specifications. Don’t you get it yet??? The dummycrats NEVER CHANGE ANYTHING for the BETTER. Pretty promises never change anything except your tax bracket.

  12. When McCain said the ads were true…why didn’t you press him on this? I am constantly disappointed that in this day of video replays, more media people, ESPECIALLY REPORTERS, don’t run a tape to show the actual truth whenever they hear differently.
    When a McCain spokesman was on CNN tonight Larry King asked about McCain on The View and the guy actually dismissed the question not because it was invalid or unfair…instead he simply said …why was mccain on the view when it is nothing but a den of vipers and liberals… (totally parpaphrased, sorry). Larry just accepted this and went on with the Dem opinion on his next question.
    My advice: As long as we are all preaching reform…let’s reform the media too. Barbara Walters…you seem well positioned to make this happen…thoughts?

  13. Gwen…can you please tell us how you know we are uninformed and uneducated?
    While you are doing so, please feel free to tell me why Barbara Walters has no clue according to you? Behar too?
    While you are at it, please explain why we will never have an awareness of the world around us. As a minor point, it is grammatically incorrect to begin a sentence with the word “And”.
    When you say, “We can do without these mindless sheep trying to CHANGE the world to their specifications” can you be more clear on who “We” references?
    Finally, can you please explain the changes McCain will make as a maverick and a reformer? I actually “don’t get it” and seek factual enlightenment by someone just like you.

  14. Barbara Walters on The View said she understood why the Democrats wanted to refrom. She asked McCain how Sarah Palin plans on reform when the Republicans have been in control for 8 years.
    McCain corrected her by informing her both the Houses have been controlled by the Democrats for the last 2 years, and asked the ladies what has improved with them in control? They then immediatley got mad and cut him off. Shows how much they know.
    Within the last 2 years, gas prices are out of control, the housing market is horrible, the whole economy is bad. Coincidence? It’s a fact that under the Democratic Congress, gas has risen a higher percentage than under the last Republican Congress.
    He said he would nominate Justices to the courts that had the understanding of the Constitution the way the founding fathers meant it.
    Whoopie then said the most retarded thing I’ve heard lately. She asked McCain if she needed to be worried about him bringing slavery back… are you kidding me?
    Oh and they brought McCain’s houses back up, how he didn’t know how many houses they have. His wife is the one that has the money and buys the houses. He focuses on working for us. I’d rather a Senator, and possibe President, concentrate on the American people than having to make sure his bills are paid and houses are in order. His wife inherited their money from her hard working parents. They don’t want to flaunt. Thats what all hard working Americans strive for. Financial freedom.

  15. Drew: I will agree Whoopie’s comments were stupid..however, are you kidding me that just because (according to you) Cindy bought the house that John would not know how many houses they own? We are not talking about small purchases..in my marriage big purchases like that would be discussed and agreed upon…but I guess if you make millions its ok for one half to go buy houses and not inform the other half..its just money right?
    I’ve only seen clips of The View…so can’t comment on how the ladies treated McCain but there were so good questions that needed to be asked and sounds like McCain either didn’t answer or was not truthful: (1) the questions about Obama’s pig comment; McCain said he’s was about a health plan..but they he said Obama just chooses his words carefully…so he carefully did not mention Palin..specifically talked about McCain change message..so to McCain he was talkign about Palin? Give me a break. (2) didn’t Palin’s own office admit that she has requested and accepted earmarks THIS YEAR? And McCain said she hasn’t since being being Governor…this is a flat out lie…so much for his promise for not running a dirty campaign…so yes, he has “changed” from his Maverick image.

  16. McCain couldn’t think of a word to name his campaign except CHANGE?
    So now he wants to be the only one who can use the word -LIPSTICK-
    When I think lipstick- I think McCain
    When I think CHANGE- It’s Obama
    I guess McCain finally named his campaign- Lipstick- because of all the smears.

  17. Harold Walsh: You need to lighten up on McCain. Breaking under torture is no fault. The code of conduct assumes ordinary imprisonment, not torture. We don’t worry about what our soldiers do under torture; they do the best they can.
    That said, kudos to the View for calling out McCain’s despicable lies

  18. Wow! This show just proved how bias the media is. The media should be fair to both sides. If the goal of the show was to put out the candidates views, then they should ask questions and let them answer–without showing emotion to their response. All that was missing here was physical torture. McCain probably felt like he was back in Viet Nam. I just hope if Obama goes on, he is treated the same way. But we all know that’s not happening. This was a completely unprofessional interview. Barbara Walters, you should be ashamed.
    Harold Walsh how can you claim that if someone breaks under improsionment that they are a traitor. Where does it say if you do, you are a traitor.
    McCain is a true american hero. The media has setup our country for failure under the next president, whether it is Obama or McCain. No matter who wins, we should all come togehter and support him.

  19. So let me get this straight Barbara Walters who has talked to more world leaders than bush, McCain, and Palin put together. Oh that’s right Palin hasn’t. Let alone the rest of you Bozos. World leaders don’t do interviews with idiots that can hardly run a family. They do interviews with intelligent people like Barbara Walters.
    Not to mention the fact that she has more intellect then Bush-Cheney & McCain-Palin.
    The fact of the matter is if she (Barbara) were Vice-President she would probably get invited to more international meeting than the President.

  20. Dems in control
    Fisa – reapproved
    IRAQ – still going strong
    Gas – sky high
    Immigration Amnesty … that was close.
    Anything else I am missing?
    Oh yeah, on every local state and federal level, they are talking about raising taxes to cover missmanagement.
    Yeah, they are really delivering something different arent they?

  21. THE VIEW GREAT JOB. WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. The View definitely has hostesses with a more liberal viewpoint and I am OK with that. I am OK with the fact that they went after McCain with tough questions.I wanted to hear the answers. What I am not OK with(and was surprised by)was the unprofessional behavior of Barbara Walters. Most of the media is not playing the entire clip of what happened when Barb asked McCain about what Sarah Palin has done to be called a reformer (so maybe people haven’t seen it), but she wouldn’t even let him answer! She kept snapping at him and cutting him off until he finally asked her to please allow him to finish. If you watch the interview of Obama in March of 2008 (granted it was before the nominations), Barbara is soft spoken and respectful, even when asking him a tough question about his association with Rev Wright. That was all I would have liked to see with McCain. Even Joy Behar, who obviously supports Obama, showed more poise, fairness and respect than Barbara Walters showed John McCain. And that’s saying alot, because Joy clearly does not like McCain. Although I haven’t seen every interview Barbara has done throughout her 40 year plus career, I have never seen her show her bias or act as rudely as she did with John McCain on the View. So, where does a voter go to watch an unbiased interview of either candidate to make an informed decision on election day? Certainly not The View…

  23. When Obama or his wife are on it’s a non-stop love fest. Then when McCain is on it turns into an attack. Where are the hard questions for the other side? Why not be fair? I guess that is too much to ask from this group.

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