Podell Named CEO of Next New Networks

Sep 16, 2008  •  Post A Comment

After a three-month search, Web video studio Next New Networks has appointed advertising executive Lance Podell as its CEO, effective Oct. 1. He replaces Herb Scannell, who founded Next New Networks and will remain chairman of the company.
Mr. Podell most recently was CEO of Seevast Corp., which handles search engine marketing and sponsored links for some of the top Web properties and Web ad networks. During his stint at the company, he built it into a $100 million business.
At Next New Networks, Mr. Podell will focus on how to most effectively monetize the programming. “He’s built businesses from the ground up and been in the Web business since its most formative years,” Herb Scannell, chairman of Next New Networks, said in a statement.
The Web studio has already developed a loyal viewer following and also has been growing its advertising stable as it heads toward profitability next year.
Next New Networks launched in 2007 and its Webisodes, including “Indy Mogul,” “Barely Political” and “ZapRoot,” have been viewed more than 190 million times.
“Understanding how to monetize content is something I bring to the table,” Mr. Podell told TelevisionWeek. “I come from the Web business for years and have managed startups and am looking at how you build this within the framework of Web budgets, not TV budgets.”
Mr. Podell also served as the chief marketing officer at Shopping.com and has worked at Chiat Day, Time Inc. and Ogilvy & Mather. “My entire career has been at the intersection of content development and advertising,” he said. “Next New Networks has phenomenal programming and we need to monetize that inventory. I bring the monetization aspect and the ability to innovate ad solutions.”


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  2. If I built a $100 million business I would have confidence oozing from my pores.

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