Video: Fixing Pre-Roll Ads

Sep 2, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Those pesky pre-roll ads aren’t going away anytime soon, but they might get a little less annoying. For the latest news on how the ad format is evolving, tune into Daisy Whitney’s New Media Minute.
This episode also includes a “tutorial” on the evolving issue of “fair use” when it comes to copyright. A federal judge recently ruled on this issue and Daisy demonstrates in her report how fair use actually works when it comes to Patrick Dempsey.
You’ll also learn about Daisy’s latest pick for a company worth watching. That’s broadband video network HealthiNation, which is selling ads in an innovative way. Get all the details in the New Media Minute.

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  1. It’s good to know that companies are finally starting to realize their 30 second pre-roll spots are very disliked online, and that they are creating shorter ones that are hopefully less interruptive and more “enjoyable”.
    I look forward to the revealing of some of the top online video creators.

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