ABC Palin Interview to Air on ‘GMA,’ ‘20/20’

Oct 29, 2008  •  Post A Comment

ABC News’ interview with Sarah Palin, conducted by Elizabeth Vargas, will air on “Good Morning America” on Thursday and on “20/20” on Friday night.
Portions of the interview, which took place today on the campaign trail in Toledo, Ohio, will air on “World News With Charles Gibson,” “Nightline,” ABC News Radio, ABC News NOW, ABCNews.com and ABC NewsOne.


  1. Not planning to watch. You guys lost my respect with the hatchet job you did on Palin by Charlie Gibson. I can’t believe she’s giving you another shot at smearing her. I guess the good ones never learn. We expect others to treat us like we would treat them. With respect. With kindness. That’s clearly above your pay grade.
    I will NEVER watch your station again. You guys are so in the tank for Obama, it’s disgusting. I hope Charlie Gibson gets fired for low ratings. He deserves it.

  2. I guess Donna feels the media should go easy on Ms. Palin…and not ask any tough questions that might be too hard to answer. She’s in the tank for Palin so much that any question other than “what are your kids names” is too mean.

  3. It amazes me that the media is fawning all over the Obama miracle like he was the first grandchild of the family. I wonder then, why it was OK to denigrate and be belligerent to Hillary Clinton? I will ask this, why has no challenged even this slight distortion of Obama’s ” I was against the war from the beginning” he wasn’t even in congress when the vote was passed. I was against the war too does that make me eligible to run for the presidency? Forget Palin, who is the best candidate to get elected, that is the question, Obama or McCain?

  4. Donna in Minnesota,
    I’m SHOCKED that a “fellow” Minnesotan finds the likes of Sarah Palin “good.”
    Haven’t you been listening to the drivel she’s been handing to the American people? C’mon, she goes on shopping sprees right in one of our major cities, spends $75,000 on clothes that she “needs.” And another $75,000 in other cities. Then after the RNC gets busted, she says, oh they weren’t mine they’re going to charity. They’re going to be returned….Yeah right. If you have children and one came home with that story would you tell everyone how “good” they are?
    She and McCain are not good at anything or for anyone. Look at the polls taken in our wonderful state, the “real” Minnesotans are saying NO to McPalin and YES to O’Biden. Why?, because they’re true straight talkers….WAKE UP!!

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