Candid Camera for Criminals

Oct 15, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Fox Reality Channel has an interesting idea to send comedians to do the job of the police.
“Smile … You’re Under Arrest!” appears to be a somewhat extreme version of “Candid Camera,” with the pranks being pulled on actual wanted criminals.
Fox Reality Channel plans to premiere the series Dec. 27.
According to the network, the show conducts elaborate stings to bring real fugitives to justice. The stings are executed by teams that include both improvisational actors and police officers in order to capture what the networks hopes will be “some of the most hysterical and outrageous stings ever caught on tape.”
Here’s how it’s supposed to work: The criminals are lured to various fake scenarios, such as being offered work as an extra on a movie set. At the end of each show, the actors involved reveal the truth to the bad guys, and then police immediately apprehend the crooks.
“The best way of describing this show is ‘Punk’d’ meets ‘Cops,’” remarked Bob Boden, senior VP of programming, production and development at Fox Reality Channel. “There has never been a show quite like this. It’s great fun and fantastically arresting TV.”
The show is produced by Scott Satin, known for creating NBC’s “Most Outrageous Moments” and Sci Fi Channel’s “Who Wants to Be a Superhero?”
“This show is doing a real service for the public. There is nothing better than seeing real-life criminals being caught on tape, and I’m excited Fox Reality Channel will be airing the series,” said Mr. Satin, who also produced and wrote the reality game shows “Outback Jack,” “Meet My Folks,” “Who Wants to Marry My Dad” and “Extreme Gong.”


  1. Smile you are Under Arrest sounds better than Cops. Fox Reality has got it going on. I heard Diana Terranova from Nip/Tuck and Tori Meyer from Girls Behaving Badly are on it. Those chicks are hot! If you are gonna get arrested, why not by a hot girl?

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