Mojo HD Shut Down by Cable Companies

Oct 7, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The cable companies that own In Demand have decided to close down their high-definition service Mojo HD, In Demand confirmed Tuesday.
The shutdown affects about 10 million subscribers. Some cable systems have already begun notifying viewers that Mojo will cease to be available.
“The Mojo HD channel was originally conceived as a way to satisfy consumers’ thirst for pure true high-definition programming,” In Demand said in a statement. “While Mojo HD accomplished this goal, there is a wealth of HD programming now available and thus we have chosen to discontinue the service.”
The firms that own In Demand now appear to have other priorities, including building an online video store for Time Warner Cable and Comcast.
Initially launched in 2003 as inHD and inHD2 when little HD programming was available, the channels were rebranded in 2007 as Mojo.


  1. That SUCKS! My favourite HD Channel.

  2. I second that! One of the best programing in HD. So many great programs.
    Bring it back!

  3. I was really sad they took MOJO off the air they had some great shows.

  4. That absulutely terrible MOJO was cancelled. How about giving us viewers and cable SUBSCRIBERS a little say so next time? Whats going to happen to the fine programs like Pressure Cook & After Hours? THANKS A LOT IN DEMAND!

  5. One of the best, great shows like three sheets, and pressure cook.
    How can we get the programming back to the people where it belongs?

  6. You guys had a solid line of programming, that didn’t compare to others. Three sheets,Timeless, I bet you, that show about gadgets.What other markets would you pursue. I think your programming appeals to a male audience better than other networks that do. It was like Spike TV meets the Discovery channel. That’s a great combo. Although I think Spike lacks but you get the point.

  7. Wow you have to be kidding me, I was away on business for 2 1/2 months and MOJO just ends. What the heck this was some of the best programs on TV, you had food, gambling, beer, beer, money and just plain good viewing. This sucks, I am not happy with what I have to watch now, bunch of crap on TV.

  8. I WANT MY MOJO BACK!!! Mojo HD was one of the reason why I suscribed to the HD channel. Three Sheets, Pressure Cook, Getting A Broad, were very entertaining. Now, it was replaced by the most boring channel in the history of HD, the MGMHD.

  9. MOJO was one of our entire family’s favorite channels – really miss it, please bring it back.
    I can’t understand how you thik that the Hallmark channel is better than MOJO>

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