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If you’re looking for a good book to read these days, chances are you’ll run into an online book trailer promoting it. Authors and publishers increasingly are turning to Web video to market their books, opening up a potential new business opportunity for independent producers. Authors such as Daryn Kagan, Scott Sigler and David Wellington have produced trailers on their own for their works, and so has Canadian author Courtney Summers for her upcoming debut novel “Cracked Up to Be.” There also are new production companies cropping up to serve this market. In addition, Daisy offers one of her twice-yearly book reviews, for “Cracked Up to Be.”


  1. Nice overview,Daisy! Yes, book trailers ARE where it’s at these days, and big props to Circle of Seven Productions who created the trailer for my mystery novel “Blood and Bone.” they placed it on about a gillion sites, but you can also see it on my own web site – http://www.ascamacho.com/sneakpreview/bloodandbonepage.htm, along with my more modest homemade video.

  2. Just like it was said in the video, creating a book trailer alone is not enough. The placement and promotion of Book Trailers is what makes it successful. Circle of Seven Productions (www.cosproductions.com) does that and creates a movie quality production of Book Trailers.

  3. Great as always Daisy. One clever way to promote books using video can be seen through the development of the video widget digital marketing agency Wiredset created for NYT best selling author, Neal Stephenson’s Anathem. This widget not only includes the author reading passages, but also contains renditions of the music he described in this science fiction thriller. What’s most clever about this is that now fans can easily become marketers on thier blogs, sites etc. http://www.nealstephenson.com/anathem/widget.htm

  4. I watch COS Book Trailers from my MYSPACE alerts. It’s great and I make my book lists from them. I adore the Christine Feehan trailers as they have a lot of great special effecta…..Dark Curse is one of my favorites.

  5. COS makes amazing book trailers and they have the way to get them into the public view. A trailer has to be seen by more than just the authors fans in order to attract new readers. My favorites are those made for Christine Feehan’s books.

  6. The pioneer in this field is http://www.vidlit.com. They’ve been making clever animated book trailers — and self-contained literary essays — for about 6 years.

  7. VidLit, though a wonderful company, is not the pioneer of the field at all.
    They don’t claim that either.
    Kunati was making video for their own books I think in 2000, but they didn’t look to create an actual market for book video, they were making it for themselves. COS started in 2002, before VidLit and actually went about creating a market for book trailers. They also have the trademark on the term “book trailer” because way back then no one knew what it was and you couldn’t find that term on Google.

  8. Thanks for promoting book trailers! I am a commercial and music video producer and started working with Circle of Seven several years ago when Sheila introduced the idea to me.
    I immediately understood that what music videos did for the recording industry, book videos could do for the publishing industry.
    The difference between the two industries is that the record companies understood the power of using visuals to sell their products and pumped MILLIONS of dollars into creating music videos.
    My first music video I produced was about $25,000 in the late 1980’s. The last one I did was $800,000 (Lil’ Kim’s – Ladies Nite for Warner Brothers film “Nothing to Lose”) in 1997. In between I worked on several Gloria Estefan videos, LL Cool J and The Spin Doctors.
    The publishing industry is starting to catch on and once it sees it’s book sales rise because of videos (as did the music industry) we’ll start to the see the quality of the videos go up and who knows “BTV” (Book TV!)

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