Number of Households Not Ready for Digital Switch Shrinks

Nov 4, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The percentage of U.S. households that remain completely unready for February’s DTV switch is decreasing at a faster rate as the switchover approaches, according to new information from Nielsen People Meter household samples.

As of October, only 7.7% of U.S. households are still completely unready for the DTV switch, down from 8.4% in September and 8.9% in August. The decline from September to October also marks the largest decrease of completely unprepared households during the last six months.

  % of U.S. HHs that are completely unready % of U.S. HHs that are partially ready
May 2008 9.8 11.9
June 2008 9.6 11.8
July 2008 9.3 11.6
August 2008 8.9 11.4
September 2008 8.4 11.0
October 2008 7.7 10.7
Source: Nielsen Media Research

Nielsen also reports more Hispanic households are completely unprepared than non-Hispanic households. As of October, 12.4% of Hispanic households are completely unready for DTV, compared to 7.1% of non-Hispanic households.

  % of Hispanic HHs that are completely unready % of Non-Hispanic HHs that are completely unready
May 2008 14.4 9.2
June 2008 14.9 8.9
July 2008 14.5 8.6
August 2008 13.4 8.3
September 2008 13.0 7.9
October 2008 12.4 7.1
Source: Nielsen Media Research


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