QuickTakes: Do You Think Jay Leno Will Work in Prime Time?

Dec 14, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Do you think Jay Leno will work in prime time?
“It depends on the definition of ‘work.’ NBC is trying to radically alter the traditional definition, which is laudable. However, the real decision-makers here are advertisers, affiliates and, most importantly, the viewers.”
—Ted Harbert, president-CEO, Comcast Entertainment Group
“I don’t think it could sustain itself as a five-night-a-week product. I actually see it being several days a week, but not five. This makes me think of years ago when ABC had to put on all the ‘[Who Wants to Be a] Millionaires.’ This is NBC’s ‘Millionaire,’ and eventually they’ll cut it back. For them, it’s a good way to keep Jay and to keep him from the competition.”
—Shari Anne Brill, senior VP of programming, Carat

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