3.2 Million Now Awaiting Converter-Box Coupons

Jan 30, 2009  •  Post A Comment

As the House readies to vote next week on delaying the digital TV transition to June 12, the number of converter-box coupon requests on hold is continuing to grow.
The Department of Commerce Web site says that as of Jan. 28, requests for 3.2 million coupons are on hold, up from the 2.6 million reported last week.
The government in 2005 set aside $1.5 billion for the program, which offers up to two $40 coupons per household to defray the cost of converter boxes needed for analog sets not connected to cable or satellite to view digital broadcast signals. Some of the money was for administration and about $1.3 billion for the coupons, which are good for 90 days.
Money to issue new coupons ran out in early January, and new ones can’t be issued until current ones expire. The House version of President Barack Obama’s stimulus plan includes $650 million for additional coupons, and Capitol Hill may act to allow more coupons to be issued, even before the stimulus plan gets approved.
Proponents of delaying the digital TV transition cite the growing number of coupon requests as one major reason for a delay. House Republicans say the coupon program can be fixed without delaying the transition date.


  1. The failure to pass the delay of the digital deadline is the responsability of both parties, but the strength of it goes without saying:
    the Republicans are obviously in bed with their big business constituents both of which have no interest in the public best interests of political empowerment and accurate information; their attitudes continue to mirror a regular tendency toward ineptitude/incompetence, fiscal irresponsability and conflicts of interest, with blatant disregard for the privacy and safety of the public individual when it threatens the wealthies convenience
    while the Democrats through their lack of political activism show their reluctance to “rock the boat” and encourage the new administration to seek threatening continued and increased reform measures when they could affect their political coffers thus showing disingenuity, lack of principles and a general hypocrasy in critiquing their political rivals.
    The fact is that for the public
    for the small advantage of better image which is only transiently available for each transmitter and which only the privileged well-to-do can afford, there are added expenses ill-afforded in this crisis period of economic instability for necessary stronger multidirectional antennas and signal amplifications in big urban areas, let along areas remote from tranmitters, and inadequately and irregularly produced digital conversion boxes let alone minimally available programmable tuners in conversion boxes for VCR time shifting recordings which are the mainstay of the less electronically and monetarily endowed for their daily utilization.
    Why is the public being set upon/criticized for not having made the efford to comply with an unnecessarily mandated and intrusive electronic change in our daily lives when the congress should have mandated changes and encouraged production in the production of appropriate remedial inexpensive devices? Why? Probably because it would intrude on the well-being of the same big-business big-wigs who get the seven and eight figure bonuses for financial ineptitude and criminal malfeasance in operating their nation destroying business management. They are those on whom congress looked the other way when regulation was required to fleece the nation.

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