AD Council Launches Obama Spots

Jan 12, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The Ad Council is launching its first ad campaign of the new administration–a campaign featuring President-elect Obama and urging volunteerism.
The Presidential Inaugural Committee and the Ad Council formally announced the “Step Forward” campaign today. The English version of the TV and radio ads feature President-elect Obama urging people to volunteer. A Spanish version features an announcer, but President-elect Obama delivers the closing line in Spanish. All the ads promote USAService.org.

As part of the presidential inauguration, the president-elect has urged making Martin Luther King Day a symbol of Americans willingness to engage in service projects. President-elect Obama and his family are to personally engage in a service project on Monday.
“President-elect Obama believes each of us, as Americans, has a responsibility to do what we can for our communities and fellow citizens,” said Josh Earnest, communications director for the inauguration committee. “We’ve launched USAService.org to connect volunteer organizations with Americans in their community and make it easier to serve on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and beyond.”
The ad shot Friday by GMMB, features a voice over by the President-elect in the English version.
Ad Council president Peggy Conlon said major media companies and the cable industry have agreed to provide air time for the message.
She said the message was a result of talks between the Ad Council and the new administration and represents a volunteering message that the Ad Council is committed to supporting in the new administration.
She said the Ad Council had a similar message early in the Bush administration supporting the USA Freedom Corp., but hasn’t had an overall volunteering message in recent years.
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