Online TV Viewers Prefer Variety of Advertising, ABC Says

Jan 30, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Online television viewers prefer seeing a variety of advertisers in an online episode of a television show, according to data from ABC.
The network conducted internal research on the viewing experience of watching primetime shows online and found that bumping the number of brands sponsoring a particular episode from one to as many as four did not negatively affect viewers’ favorable opinions of brands or the likelihood to purchase the brand.
The network said a brand’s favorability actually improved when it was paired with two or three other brands within one episode.
The research builds on data ABC shared earlier this week at NATPE that increasing the number of spots in online episodes from four to eight does not detract from the viewing experience.
The network also learned that a decrease in the number of times a particular ad spot was shown had only a minimal effect on recall and did not affect purchase consideration or ad attentiveness.
In addition, ABC said the research showed about 90% of viewers preferred to get the show for free with advertising, a percentage that remained the same regardless of the number of ad spots included.


  1. 4-8!?!
    Keep that up and I want a Tivo for my online content and speed through spots that are irrevelant to me.

  2. Thank the gods they have finally gotten this message. I don’t mind the ads really but when Hulu shows the same ad 4 times during the same show—or worse, the same ads over and over for the same show—they become very irritating.

  3. What a misleading headline. Sure people would rather see 4 different ads than the same one repeated 4 times, but the headline is written to imply people prefer ads with online TV content. What about tell us the results of preference for ads v. no ads.

  4. please show me report about 60 viewer
    s tv

  5. Amazing freakin blog here. I almost cried while reading it!

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