President Obama Expected to Sign DTV Delay

Jan 30, 2009  •  Post A Comment

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said today that President Obama will act quickly to sign any delay in the digital TV changeover sent to him by Congress next week.
“We anticipate that the House will pass a delay on DTV to June 12,” Mr. Gibbs said at a White House briefing today. “If that gets to the president’s desk, and when that happens, the president will sign that delay into law so that we might undergo a little bit better planning process to ensure no interruption for people with televisions.”
As president-elect, Mr. Obama and his transition team had urged Congress to delay the DTV changeover from Feb. 17.
The House is expected to vote Tuesday on delay legislation that has already been passed by the Senate.


  1. Well of course he will sign it. Anything to further cost money and mire us in more government red tape and inefficiency, while producing nothing, is just fantastic.

  2. Well, Duh.
    Considering Obama is the person that originally directed Congress to implement a delay, I thought he’d veto it.
    What shocking reporting; Ira, you know better.

  3. I’m actually sorry to see this. I hate Republicans enough that I wanted the delay to be defeated by their highly partisan vote. Then when millions of viewers lost their tv reception, they would all blame the Republican dirt bags as being the cause. It was probably the stupidest thing the Republicans could have done…and knowing how stupid they are, that’s pretty hard to do.

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