Discovery Explores ‘Global Warming’ With Brokaw

Feb 17, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Discovery Channel will premiere “Global Warming: The New Challenge With Tom Brokaw” on March 18.
The hourlong special, shot entirely in HD, is a follow-up to the network’s 2006 special “Global Warming: What You Need to Know With Tom Brokaw.”
Mr. Brokaw interviews leading experts about the effects of global warming and what Americans should be prepared for in the future. The special also takes a look at promising solutions in the fight against global warming.
“The New Challenge” is produced by NBC News Productions for Discovery Channel.


  1. Does Mr. Brokaw give the other side of this mith?
    Does he tell the viewer that many ckinate scientisis disagree that “global warming” actually exixts?

  2. Rodan, nope. No other side is presented. It’s strictly a non-fiction presentation.

  3. Everyone should just keep a close eye on what kind of material this guy presents, check what kinds of publications he utilizes, make sure he is interpreting data correctly…etc.

  4. Watched the show, I thought it was very irresponsible journalism. It was absolutely one sided. Early on he makes a statement that there is a consensus about GW. So I suppose he thought that sense there is a consensus there’s no reason to present the other side. Don’t forget there once was a consensus about the earth being flat. One interviewee actually made a statement like, the hots will be hotter the colds colder wet wetter etc. In other words anything that you don’t think is perfectly normal is GW. What a bunch of bunk. On one hand Brokow seemed concerned about the cost of GW but not once mentioned the costs associated with his way of fighting it, which will be huge.

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