Tennis Channel Acquires Davis Cup Rights

Feb 17, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Tennis Channel, the International Tennis Federation and the United States Tennis Association have signed a multiyear agreement, making Tennis Channel the exclusive U.S. broadcaster of all U.S. Davis Cup ties.
Tennis Channel will air the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas, Fed Cup by BNP Paribas and Hyundai Hopman Cup in high-definition. The deal also makes U.S. Davis Cup matches available on demand in their entirety on www.tennischannel.com the day after each competition.
Tennis Channel will pad its broadcast coverage with short- and long-form ancillary programming, specials and year-round promotion.
The 2009 Davis Cup will begin with eight World Group first-round ties on March 6-8. The event will pit the United States against Switzerland, with Andy Roddick playing against Roger Federer.
“Davis Cup is to tennis what the World Cup is to soccer or Ryder Cup is to golf, and among the most exciting, dramatic team contests in the world,” Ken Solomon, chairman and CEO of Tennis Channel, said in a statement. “Our platform of year-round tennis was built to put into context and drive premium franchises like U.S. Davis Cup. With American tennis’s enormous resurgence right now and the country’s Australian Open success and thrilling Davis Cup win 14 months ago, the time is ripe for elevating this event on television with HD coverage and promotion throughout the entire calendar, especially during the four Grand Slams.”


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