Fox Business Network Expands Distribution on Dish

Feb 3, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Fox Business Network said its distribution has grown to nearly 50 million homes, thanks to a new deal with Dish Network, which hadn’t carried the channel previously.
The deal with Dish also puts Fox News Channel on Dish’s Classic Bronze 100 tier, an improvement from America’s Top 200 level it had been on before. The change increases the number of homes receiving Fox News on Dish to 11 million.
Fox Business Network is being carried as part of the Classic Gold 250 package.
Fox Business Network launched in 2007 with about 30 million subscribers. Its primary competitor, CNBC, has more than 94 million subscribers.
Separately, both Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network are being added in high definition on Time Warner Cable in New York City. The networks will continue to be carried in standard definition.
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