‘Friday Night Lights’ Gets 26-Episode Order From DirecTV, NBC

Mar 30, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The Panthers live.
Universal Media Studios, Imagine Television and DirecTV have closed a deal to produce 26 more episodes of “Friday Night Lights,” the critically hailed drama about a small-town football team.
The newly ordered episodes will almost certainly be the final batch produced, with writers crafting plotlines with an eye on a final episode. However, it’s unclear if UMS and DirecTV will officially announce an end date for the show, as ABC did with “Lost.”
The 26 episodes will be produced consecutively without a break. However, DirecTV will air the episodes as two 13-episode seasons.
As with the previous deal for the show, the NBC television network will get a second window of the “FNL” episodes following their airing on DirecTV.
A rep for UMS declined comment. Entertainment Weekly first reported several weeks ago that UMS and DirecTV were discussing a multi-episode renewal of the show.


  1. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

  2. Amazing, I wonder what would happen if somebody actually watched this program… give them a 5 year renewal. If DirectTV has so much money, I wish they would reduce my cable bill.

  3. Phew! One less excellent show’s renewal to worry about. Thank you NBC and DirectTV!

  4. Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you!

  5. I am super excited!! Two year renewal that’s amazing. However, I’m hoping for way more than 26 episodes to be produced in the future. The article seems to elude to 26 episodes to wrap the show up. Like an end date has been decided as in the case of LOST. Man, I hope this not the case. There are zillion more stories to be told. These are not fancy complex stories like what happens on LOST. Where things need to be explained ever 10 minutes. These are simple realistic stories about coming of age. Tiny victories and Silent disasters in a small Texas town. That could happen anywhere. It’s the story of real everyday life. Beautifully acted and cast. Realistic dialog Brilliantly delivered. Yep, it’s the Good Stuff. And Thank God there is be 26 more glorious episodes to watch. Thank you Ben Silverman and Mr Shanks your efforts are deeply appreciated.

  6. The best show not watched. I don’t understand it. Aside from immaculate casting, the soundtrack alone is reason to watch religiously…if not, Taylor Kitsch.

  7. THANK GOD FNL is getting renewed for another year! It is THE BEST show on TV right now.

  8. YES!!! Oh this show is my guilty pleasure and I love it! Thank you!

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