Google Teams With CBS, MGM on YouTube, Launches TV Ads Online

Apr 16, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Google has teamed up with professional content companies including CBS and MGM, to offer long-form movie and TV content on the Web video giant YouTube.
Among the studios and content creators already on board are Crackle, Lionsgate, Starz, the BBC, among others. Programming from these partners will appear on the YouTube home page under specialized tabs on the home page. User-generated content will continue to be available via subscriptions. In-stream ads will be featured in the long-form content.
In conjunction with the new content, Google also launched a test version of its new Google TV Ads Online. The service promises to play a big role in the company’s effort to turn YouTube into a more profitable enterprise by featuring professional, long-form content.
Google introduced the online ad service, which will allow advertisers to buy space on specific TV shows viewed on the Web, on its blog.
According to Google TV Ads’ product manager, Geoff Smith, the online service will work similar to the TV service, giving advertisers the opportunity to place spots on TV shows in the same place where commercials would be. Partners will be able to customize their buys based on targets and budgets priced on a traditional cost-per-thousand viewer scale.
Advertisers will be able to buys spots in the new YouTube long-form content using TV Ads Online. Additionally, spots purchased in the new content will stream on sites that syndicate those videos.
Advertisers can begin using the service now by invitation only. Long-form content will be available to U.S. users initially, with plans for roll-out in other regions at a later date.
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