‘Not as a Stranger’ Premiere/Release Date June, 28, 1955

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Here are the six Bass/Kallis illustrations done for Stanley Kramer’s “Not as a Stranger.” Though Bass had a long and fruitful relationship with Kramer, I could only find evidence that two of these drawings were actually used to advertise the film in any way. However, the primary figure in all of these drawings — that of the doctor in full operating regalia, including his mask — was the primary notion in all of the posters for the movie, and in the two consumer advertisements used most.

Not as a Stranger4Not as a Stranger No. 1


Not as a Stranger5Not as a Stranger No. 2

Not as a Stranger6Not as a Stranger No. 3

Not as a Stranger1Not as a Stranger No. 4

Not as a Stranger3aNot as a Stranger No. 5

Not as a Stranger2Not as a Stranger No. 6

The two Bass/Kallis illustrations that were used virtually verbatim as ads for the movie are drawings No. 1 and No. 6. Here are the ads:

Not as a Stranger ad1

not as a stranger ad2

Here’s the “Not as a Stranger” pressbook page that talks about these two ads specifically, and how widely they were being distributed:

not as a stranger pressbook1

The links below take you to the other Bass/Kallis work in this story:

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“Not as a Stranger” — United Artists — June 28, 1955

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“The Rose Tattoo” — Paramount — Dec. 12, 1955

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