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Apr 29, 2009  •  Post A Comment

So we still haven’t decided on a name for this afternoon link machine. One friend suggested Afternoon Joe. I kinda like—it’s got that late-day coffee-fix feel to it. I’m also mulling PM Magazine (after my favorite prime access newsmag of the 1980s) and Whole Lotta Links (Led Zeppelin references never go out of style).
Of course, given the lack of comments in yesterday’s post, it’s clear this debate is not exactly sweeping the nation like … wait for it … that’s right, I’m gonna say it … swine flu. So I promise to limit the navel-gazing on this matter to a few more days, and promise to have a permanent title by Monday.
Today’s list of stuff starts with some awesome video.

—New York magazine’s Daily Intel blog has the world exclusive first look at “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd getting into the ring for an upcoming episode of “WWE Smackdown!” If only Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling were still around…
—On a slightly more serious note, The Pony (known in some parts as Time columnist James Poniewozik) weighs in on the first 100 days … of cable news’ coverage of President Obama. It ain’t pretty.
—You can have your Brian Lowry served up two ways today: Frustrated or frivolous. Either makes for fine dining.
TVWeek’s Andrew Krukowski has a story that’s a real kick in the you-know-whats.
—And the L.A. Times breaks news that “thirtysomething” is coming to DVD. Personally, I’m still waiting for “James at 15.” And the “Laff-a-Lympics.”
—Speaking of which, if this doesn’t make you smile, then we shouldn’t be friends.


  1. I like Afternoon Joe

  2. I’m still waiting for the final season of “Once & Again.”

  3. To Joe from Joe:
    Yeah, Scooby never did it for me.
    Then again, I’m a couple years older than you and the ramp up of Scooby marketing started after I was lunch-box buying age.
    Marc, I like Afternoon Joe as well. If Adalian doesn’t use it, I might. Hope that’s okay.
    Though I promise that my secretary won’t meet a sketchy and unsolved demise.

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