SAG and AFTRA Divided; Will TV Fall?

Mar 31, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists voted Saturday against working with the Screen Actors Guild on negotiating a new prime-time television contract with studios. AFTRA President Roberta Reardon cited SAG’s “relentless campaign of disinformation and disparagement” on her group’s Web site. SAG President Alan Rosenberg, on that guild’s Web site, called AFTRA’s decision “calculated” and “cynical.” The disagreement may not bode well for averting a SAG strike, which could cripple the TV industry only months after the Writers Guild of America labor action halted production for 100 days.
–Danny King


  1. The industry performers need SAG and AFTRA to unify and create a combined front from this day forward.
    Get in a room and do not come out until these differences are ironed out. Do this NOW.
    Then pound out a fair Agreement with AMPTP.
    The people of the industry above and below the line can afford nothing less.
    Shut up and go do this.
    Peter Bright

  2. Do they really need to work with SAG anyway if they AFTRA have jurisdiction over TV shows? Seems to me they could hammer out an greeement with the networks and studios and just present the results to SAG.
    There shouldn’t be duplicate unions covering the same performers anyway. Another example of bureaucracy run amok, and it’s not even government this time. Wehre is the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) in this?

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