Verizon Wants Cable to Unplug

Mar 27, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Verizon yesterday requested the Federal Communications Commission require cable companies to automatically disconnect customers who are switching to a different video provider, instead of requiring customers to make a separate disconnection request, Multichannel News reports. By requiring the additional call, Verizon, which offers fiber-optic TV service FiOS, says cable companies are making it more difficult for customers to switch to other services, Multichannel News reports.
–Danny King


  1. I work for an MSO in Kansas and I am all for making it as easy as possible for customers to switch between competitors. Having said that, this needs to be a two-way street. Our company has been in the VOIP business for a couple of years now and have had nothing but grief from our telco competitors when it comes to porting numbers.
    Porting numbers allows the customer to maintain the same local phone number that they have today.
    In many cases, our new VOIP customers have had to wait months for the porting procedure to complete. Of course, most customers wish to retain their current local phone number so Telco’s know that by slowing this process way down, it becomes less likely that customers will switch to a VOIP competitor once the customer learns it could take months. In some cases, the local telco does not have the infrastructure in place to port local numbers easily or at all. These same telcos, in our area, receive government grants to build fiber to the home to supply video, internet, and phone services while MSO’s, which are private businesses, have to actually make money in order to spend money. Our cable company is ineligible to receive government handouts.
    My point is maybe these Telco’s should be required to take this government grant money and update their infrastructure so that porting phone numbers is as consumer friendly.
    Unfortunately, the FCC seems determined to make it as easy as possible for Telco’s to acquire CATV customers while allowing Telcos’s to impose endless roadblocks and detours which make it difficult for cable companies to acquire Telco customers.

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