Obama Aims to Prevent Media Consolidation

Jun 16, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Presidential Candidate Barack Obama says he favors steps to prevent media concentration, accord to an E-Mail interview with Broadcasting & Cable. “The effects of consolidation today and continued consolidation are well-documented,” Mr. Obama says. “Less diversity of opinion, less local news coverage, replication of the same stories across multiple outlets, and others. We can do better.”


  1. Guys:
    Guess you don’t see TV news nowdays. I turn on all 3 Detroit stations and see the SAME NEWS. I turn on all 4 Toledo Stations and see THE SAME NEWS. All Toledo, Ohio stations are not owned by the same company. Its called “report from the scanner”. It’s the laziest and cheapest way to make news happen for dollars. That’s why I quit watching most news, unless something major happens. But then again, I’m in the media and know most of what they report, before they do.\
    I seriously doubt that “ObamaNation” of the FCC is going to help. News ethic went down in the 70’s and kept sinking to new lows since. But it has nothing to do with consolidation. Smoke another joint Obama or get antoher pot patch to quit that habit. Maybe you’ll get a better look at the reality of the modern media… and how to fix it.

  2. Obama bites the hand that feeds him. If TV news was real indepth coverage, his campaign would have ended a long time ago.. He is truly a guy that may become President because lazy TV News producers want catchy soundbites instead of substance. They want flash instead of depth.
    If the news media was this lazy and uninvolved years ago, we’d have had a President Gary Hart and all the Gay, Adulterous Republicans of the Contract With America Days would still be in office because nobody would have investigated the affairs with other women and young congressional pages.

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