FCC Set to Zing Comcast on Web Traffic

Jul 29, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The Federal Communications Commission is ready to accuse Comcast Corp. of slowing some customers’ Web traffic, the Wall Street Journal reports. In a win for consumer groups and high-tech companies, the FCC will rule Comcast deliberately prevented some customers from sharing videos online using peer-to-peer services like BitTorrent, the Journal says, citing agency officials. The ruling may indicate the extent to which the agency is willing to clamp down on phone and cable companies as they try to make more money from their Web networks, the newspaper says.
—Greg Baumann


  1. Given the amount of legal sharing going on via BitTorrent is astonishingly small, and BitTorrent absolutely kills performance for anyone unlucky to be living near someone doing so, Comcast should be praised for their efforts.
    Alas, morality and copyright laws no longer exist, so Comcast will be dinged and content will continue to be stolen and made available online.
    Remember industry folks, your efforts aren’t worth paying for.

  2. I am pleased that Comcast are in the firing line from the FCC. BitTorrent is a completely legitimate service and does not infract the end users agreement with their ISP.
    The problem is that the ISPs have lots of spare capacity and can vastly improve services to their users but they haven’t worked out how to increase revenue. The issue of copyright theft is a serious one. However, the key problem is that the entertainment industry hasn’t fully worked out how to operate in the new digital world.
    It is the film, TV and music industries that have to change and recognise their new environment.

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