Fox’s Wallace: MSNBC Not Fair, Balanced

Jul 15, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Karl Rove told attendees at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Los Angeles on Monday that his strong affiliations with the Republican Party and John McCain’s presidential bid would not affect his credibility as an analyst for Fox News Channel, Reuters reports. Rove, who served as chief strategists for President George W. Bush’s 2000 and 2004 election campaigns and as his chief of staff, left the Bush administration last year and joined Fox News in February. “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace also suggested that MSNBC’s anchors have been guilty of mixing news reporting with liberal bias, Daily Variety says.
—Sergio Ibarra
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  1. The next time Rove makes a public appearance on American soil, he should be arrested on the spot and transported to Congress to face contempt of Congress charges. He has broken many laws, yet he is acting with impunity and defecating on the American people and the Constitution.
    He is not an exceptional person. He’s barely a “turd blossom”.

  2. I agree with Tom B ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. The fact that Fox news hired him as a correspondent and Chris Wallace accuses another network of bias is UNREAL. WHERE IS OUR COUNTRY GOING??? It’s like the worst nightmares of Orwell were a blueprint, studied by Rove and his colleagues and followed to the letter, then beyond.

  3. Karl Rove is anything BUT an analyst.
    It figures that Roger Ailes would hire him to be on FOX (News?). The young Mr. Wallace should change his name as he is not cut of the same cloth of journalism as was his father Mike.
    Rove should be dragged before Congress along with Vice President Haliburtan and the half wit in the Oval Office. This Administration, the group of thugs, who have desecrated public trust, usurped our Constitution, perpetrated lie on lie to the american people and the joint Houses of Congress belong in leg irons awaiting trial.
    Everyone in America is entitled to a speedy, trial. They should get theirs in time for sentencing by the next Innaugural.
    We must do this through Due Process, something they may understand after they’re tried and convicted. It’s hard to want to give them their legal rights, but this country was built on that and we should see to it that they get had by they’re own misdeeds and put away for a long, long time and do it by the book.
    Peter Bright

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